The Billionaire's Woman Trilogy

The Billionaire's Woman Trilogy by Keana Black Read Free Book Online

Book: The Billionaire's Woman Trilogy by Keana Black Read Free Book Online
Authors: Keana Black
Tags: Romance, Erotic Fiction, Interracial, African American
forgive me,” he said, before grasping her dress and tearing it from her flesh. Now fully exposed, Sharise panted with desire, and felt a chill run through her body at the look in his eyes.
    Dark. Dangerous. Hungry. He wanted her, and she knew it.
    James leaned down, his breath warm against her clit, before plunging his tongue deep into her. Sharise screamed; she could no longer hold back the floodgates. Her hips bucked, reaching for James, and he obliged. Again and again his tongue brushed over her, swirling over her clit, into her wet, swollen pussy lips, all across her nethers as the orgasm wracked her body with wave after wave of pleasure. Sharise gave herself up to hedonism, her body no longer her own. She lay on the bed, taking deep breaths of air until she felt James release the cuffs.
    Sharise looked at him curiously. Normally he would take her with them on; never had the two of them had totally unrestricted sex. James always wanted to be in control.
    He quickly pulled his pants off and let his rock-hard member spring free. Sharise tentatively reached out, taking it in her hand as she kissed him, their bodies pressing against one another. She didn’t know how to respond.
    His caresses were soft, gentle, and needy. It was like she was seeing his soul for the first time. Sharise returned them with the same easy touches, her hand sliding over his throbbing cock, eliciting a gasp from James. She felt him tense, felt him throbbing with need. He kissed her, pushing her down onto the bed, and positioned himself over her.
    His eyes still held that dangerous look to them, but behind it was something else: love. He thrust his hips forward, and Sharise gasped as she felt him come into her, stretching her, spreading her lips apart as his hips began to rock against her. She arched her back, grasping his ass as he pounded her.
    Sharise felt herself overflowing, and the wet, slapping sounds of flesh against flesh excited her even more. James was both gentle and rough, his need winning out over the desire to maintain his composure. He pulled himself out of her, and told her to move onto her hands and knees.
    Sharise felt him grasp her hips, his cock sliding roughly into her, and he began to thrust quickly, forcefully, taking her from behind. She arched upwards and James’s hand slid under her breast, giving it a firm squeeze as his hand toyed with her nipple. Sharise squeezed his cock as tightly as she could, and James’s breath grew ragged, heavy.
    She felt herself building up to an orgasm, and as the head of James’s cock brushed against her g-spot, she gasped. He leaned forward, his voice heavy and broken in her ear. “Scream for me,” he said.
    With those words, he focused all of his attention on bringing her to climax. Sharise fell to her elbows as she was plowed roughly from behind, and she didn’t recognize her own voice. “Fuck, James! Fuck me! Oh my God, fuck me! Yes!” With the last cry, the orgasm washed over her, and she felt James tense. He grunted, paused, and then his seed began to flow forth in spurts, his hot, throbbing member twitching inside of her, filling her with wave after wave of spunk.
    There was no other sound in the room besides their breathing, and Sharise took a moment to enjoy it. Even as her mind and body drifted on the sensation of the orgasm, one thought surfaced:
    This was her reality now.

    The next morning, Sharise woke, stirring at the smell of eggs cooking. She wandered into the kitchen, where James stood, fully dressed and ready to start the day. He turned at her entrance.
    “Good morning, Sharise. Did you sleep well?”
    She yawned and nodded. She wore a pair of James’s pajamas, far too big for her. The sleeves fell past her hands, and the bottom of the shirt was around mid-thigh, but she felt comfortable in them. Sharise pulled the sleeve up and admired the ring on her hand. She thought it was beautiful, and the

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