The Breakup Artist

The Breakup Artist by Shannen Crane Camp Read Free Book Online

Book: The Breakup Artist by Shannen Crane Camp Read Free Book Online
Authors: Shannen Crane Camp
to be brimming with confidence, which was always dangerous. I normally worked with boys who were easy to woo and, therefore, easy to break up with for their girlfriends. This boy, however, didn’t seem to want to make my life easy. He had also said my name, turning my panic level up a notch. I tried to remember my usual story. Why had I always found an excuse to talk to these boys? Oh right. Fear-of-being-alone-syndrome.
    “Well, I’m friends with your girlfriend, Claire, and she’s sick today so I wanted to know if I could sit with you.” I repeated the words as if I was reading them from a book, but I added my innocent smile, keeping my fingers crossed that I was convincing.
    “You’re friends with Claire?” he asked, sounding completely unconvinced.
    “Yes?” Why had I just answered his question like a question? This was going horribly wrong. He smirked at this, keeping his eyes trained on me.
    “Why haven’t I ever seen you hanging around with her during school? I mean, if you have no one to sit with when she’s sick, then wouldn’t that mean you normally sat with her during break and lunch?” This boy was smart and persistent, I’d give him that. But I wasn’t about to let him get the best of me. His questions were just making me angry now, and I refused to give a refund for the first time in my entire career.
    “I actually just moved here from Pennsylvania,” I said confidently, remembering that Claire had mentioned being born there. Granted, I knew nothing about the state, but I was counting on this being enough information for him. “We grew up together and my parents just decided to move out to California for work so Claire convinced them to let me come to Thousand Oaks High rather than being homeschooled.” Had I given too much information? That was the downfall of lying; you always try to overcompensate for lack of truth with way too much fiction.
    “Where in Pennsylvania are you from?” he asked nonchalantly. What was he, a detective? “My family travels back that way a lot so maybe I’ve been to your hometown.” It was now official. I hated this boy. He was snoopy and relentless, and my whole career was about to be exposed.
    “Lancaster,” I said automatically, naming the only city in Pennsylvania that I knew of. Incidentally, I had family living in Lancaster, California, only an hour from where I was standing at that very moment. Maybe after this boy ruined my career I’d go live with them and break hearts in the high desert.
    “Lancaster?” he repeated slowly. “Isn’t that where the Amish live?” Dang. I knew there was a reason I’d heard of that city before. I nodded my head deliberately and let my eyes stay locked on his, refusing to back down.
    “Other people live there too,” I said with finality. I’d already wasted five of my ten minutes trying to convince this boy I was actually Claire’s friend. I might have to keep her sick for another day to get rid of this one. A new determination to rid myself of this pest firmly in place, I cleared my throat and got back to business. “So is it all right if I sit down, now that we’ve gone over my personal history?” The boy laughed softly and nodded his head. Finally, something was going my way. I sat next to him and was hit with an overwhelmingly wonderful scent. It had to be his cologne or shampoo or something, but whatever it was, it was unearthly.
    “You smell really good,” I said instantly, to which he raised an eyebrow. It was a perfectly normal response to a perfectly abnormal statement. I really had no idea what had made me say it and, looking back on it, that would have been a wonderful time to bow out gracefully and just forfeit this entire job. “Never mind,” I mumbled, knowing there was no way to talk myself out of that one. No matter what stupid thing came out of my mouth next, at least I knew there were only five minutes left in the break.
    “So, Amelia, where do you live?” This David seemed to say

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