The Chronicles of Lumineia: Book 01 - Elseerian

The Chronicles of Lumineia: Book 01 - Elseerian by Ben Hale Read Free Book Online

Book: The Chronicles of Lumineia: Book 01 - Elseerian by Ben Hale Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ben Hale
master was forced to leap away.
    Ten feet behind Edric, Irela had gotten back on her feet and was on her way to rejoin the fight, a look of determination on her face that he knew well. Wanting to take care of Edric before he had to fight two people at once, Taryn tried to move forward with a quick combination, but Edric blocked every strike with the bracers on his forearms. All too quickly he faced two masters—expertly moving to either side.
    Still swinging his right sword to keep Edric at bay, he flipped his left weapon back along his forearm to better block Irela. This time they attacked as one. Irela also attacked from two angles with her two weapons, making it impossible to block both strikes with a single sword. Dodging forward to avoid one strike and ducking under the high kick from Edric, Taryn brought up his left arm to block Irela’s second attack. Abruptly he crouched and spun towards his unarmed master. As he spun, he sheathed his father’s sword, leaving his right hand free to grab Edric’s extended leg at the ankle.
    Instead of doing the normal block, Taryn kept some of the momentum of his spin and pulled. It was clear that Edric had expected his kick to land because most of his weight was behind it, making it impossible for him to stop his forward motion. Without being able to move, his knee buckled and he awkwardly hit the ground with his right leg still extended. Knowing that Edric would only be on the ground for an instant, Taryn let go almost the moment he’d grabbed the ankle, only hanging on long enough to pull him off balance. Slipping to the left he allowed his left sword to follow Edric down and hit him gently on the head with the flat of his blade before he even touched the ground.
    One more out of the fight.
    A quick glance showed that Irela was already darting in. With his back to the rock face he had nowhere to go, so he jumped backwards—and upwards. Using his momentum, he walked two steps backwards up the wall. Just as his body slowed, he threw himself forward and over the top of Irela’s head. Knocking her weapons aside as he flipped and twisted over her, he landed and spun in an instant, with both katsanas out and ready.
    For several moments they eyed each other, master and student. For the first time, Taryn became aware of the thunderous noise from the crowd. Students were standing on the benches and cheering. Teachers were on their feet and yelling uninhibited. Irela seemed to notice it, too, because she grinned at him. “People are so easily entertained.”
    Taryn, uncomfortable at the attention yet feeling a rush of excitement, didn’t know how to respond, so he shrugged and readied himself. Irela snorted and stepped in to attack again. The sounds of the crowd faded as he focused on the fight at hand. Back and forth they sought for any advantage, but neither of them came close to landing a hit.
    Seeing a vague opening he shifted his left sword to be on his forearm to block, and a split second later swung it back, reversing his right sword to parry — then flicked its tip out with a twist of his hand.
    Somehow Irela managed to block the strike with her own weapon and tried to slice up and split Taryn’s defenses with her second blade. Darting to the right to avoid it, he spun to get behind her—but she whirled to face him. Abruptly he tried to flick his right sword out like he had done with Murai, but Irela was prepared for that and dodged to the side. In a rush they came together again with each of them refusing to back down. The intense fighting lasted for several minutes as both combatants displayed dizzying skill, with neither willing to give an inch. The ring of sword striking sword began blending together and echoing through the amphitheater until it became difficult to discern individual blows.
    Taryn wasn’t really surprised that Irela had been the last one standing. He knew how good she was. In the entire time that he had trained with her, he had never beaten her in a

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