The Commander's Mate

The Commander's Mate by Morganna Williams Read Free Book Online

Book: The Commander's Mate by Morganna Williams Read Free Book Online
Authors: Morganna Williams
wide, then applied his tongue to her little button of pleasure, sinking a finger gently into her still tender channel.
    Grayson coated his finger thoroughly, then moved it down to the rosebud of her bottom, piercing it slowly as he sucked on her clit.
    Izzy stiffened as his finger breached her bottom, then gave a soft cry as another finger sank into her sheath. She never thought anal play would be pleasurable at all, but found it to be extremely so; the feel of his fingers gliding in and out of both places was unbelievable.
    Soon his fingers were moving more and more quickly as he continued to use his tongue and mouth on her clitoris.
    “Grayson, please!” she cried, beginning to writhe against his mouth and thrust up to meet the forceful glide of his fingers.
    He began to thrust them harder and faster in response to her cries and soon she exploded, grinding herself into him.
    He stroked her through her orgasm, then continued to stroke her, pulling his finger out of her bottom only to return with a second finger. Izzy gasped at the intensely pleasurable feeling of being stretched there combined with the relentless rub of his tongue on her overly sensitive clit. She shot into orbit again before she’d fully come down from the first orgasm.
    In response she felt him purr throatily around her poor clit, causing her body to tighten again around his continuously pistoning fingers. When a third finger joined the other two in her tender bottom hole, Izzy screamed, torn between wanting more and needed to escape from the overwhelming pleasure.
    “Please! Grayson… I can’t take it!” she cried desperately.
    “You can take everything I have to give, little mate. And you will,” he told her firmly before returning to lap at her swollen tender clit. When his tongue rimmed the area his fingers had conquered so thoroughly, Izzy came again, screaming his name.
    By the time he removed his fingers from her pulsing body and flipped her over, Izzy was almost mindless with sensation, already on the edge of orgasm once again; she eagerly pushed back against him when she felt the press of his erection against her tight anus. Suddenly having him take her there to continue the delicious stretching his fingers had given her was something Izzy needed desperately.
    “Take me! Please, Grayson! Please!” Izzy cried trying to thrust her hips back to impale herself on his rigid shaft.
    “Easy, little fire, hush… this must be done carefully,” he told her, holding her hips still with a firm grasp. When she continued to try to press back, two quick swats were delivered to her quivering bottom. “Be still!”
    Izzy froze at the command, shocked to find that the swats and commanding tone of his voice greatly increased her need. With a mewl of frustration, she pressed her face down into the mattress and spread her legs further apart to present herself more fully to him.
    Large hands spread her bottom cheeks wide as he finally pressed inside, slowly wringing groans of pleasure from both of them.
    The breath caught in her chest at the feel of him filling her bottom, slowly claiming the last bit of her for his own. Izzy felt owned in a way she’d never imagined and she wanted more. She was completely at his mercy as he took her at his own pace; Grayson’s careful but deliberate movements were obviously designed to drive her out of her mind.
    By the time she felt the press of his balls against her ass, Izzy was desperate for him to move, to take her… to take everything.
    “Please… Grayson, please… take me… take me hard and fast… I need you.” Her whispered plea finally got her what she wanted.
    Grayson withdrew almost completely before ramming back inside hard and fast. His fingers worked her clit furiously as he pounded into her. Izzy bowed her back and moved her knees even further apart, as the combined pleasure and pain took her to places she’d never been. It was like she fell into a never-ending climax that went on and on,

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