The Crown Affair

The Crown Affair by Lucy King Read Free Book Online

Book: The Crown Affair by Lucy King Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lucy King
you planning to come back any time soon?’
    â€˜No.’ His eyes bore into hers, burning with desire but offering nothing, apart from an afternoon of unimaginable pleasure.
    Laura’s heart pounded. That did it. No mess. No threat of entanglement in another debilitating relationship. Just the promise of hot sex and maybe lunch. ‘OK, then.’
    For a big man he moved surprisingly fast.
    Even though she was ready for it, had been waiting for it, sort of knew what to expect, nothing could have prepared her for the sheer force of the desire that slammed through her at the feel of his arms whipping round her and the touch of his mouth to hers. The floor beneath her feet rocked. Her entire body buzzed with sensation.
    Now that she made the decision to go for it, it was as if a dam had burst deep inside her. Any inhibitions she might have had fled.
    His hands settled on the bare skin of her back and the electricity that flowed through her made her nerve endings jump.
    She pressed herself closer, rubbing her aching breasts against his chest, needing the friction to provide some sort of relief.
    As he explored her mouth with his tongue, Lauraslipped her hands beneath his T-shirt and ran them over the muscles of his back, pushing the fabric up. She felt him tense and break off the kiss for a second while he pulled the T-shirt over his head and tossed it onto the floor. Then his hands were at the hem of her top and seconds later it joined his.
    Somewhere deep in the recesses of her mind she thought she ought to be faintly embarrassed at getting naked with someone she didn’t know. Or at her desperation to have him inside her at the very least. But with his mouth sliding over her jaw, her neck and then down over the slope of her breast, Laura couldn’t feel anything except the mindless pleasure sweeping over her.
    Cupping his hands under her bottom, Matt lifted her and she wound her legs round his waist as he carried her to the nearest available flat surface. He set her on the edge of a table and began to push her back.
    Laura’s blood roared in her ears as she eased back but then she caught something out of the corner of her eye and went still. ‘Wait.’
    Matt jerked back and frowned down at her. ‘What?’
    â€˜We can’t do this.’
    The blood drained from his face and his features turned grim. ‘Are you serious?’
    â€˜Deadly.’ She paused and caught her lip. ‘At least we can’t do this here .’
    â€˜Why not?’
    Laura glanced down at what she was perched on and then back up at him. Poor Matt looked as if he were about to explode with frustration. ‘This is a solid mahogany Regency breakfast table. It must be worth thousands.’
    Matt let out a sharp breath and his expression relaxed. ‘Then it was built to last,’ he said, planting his handseither side of her and setting his mouth to the side of her neck.
    â€˜It was built to have breakfast on,’ Laura said, putting a hand on his chest and nudging him away. ‘Not wild uncontrollable sex.’
    He lifted his head and one corner of his mouth hitched. ‘Wild uncontrollable sex, huh?’
    â€˜You promised.’
    â€˜Did I?’
    Laura nodded. ‘Not in so many words. But these kisses of yours suggest a lot. I’m expecting combustion at the very least. And if we stay here I won’t be able to concentrate.’
    â€˜Well, we can’t have that,’ he murmured. ‘I doubt the insurance would cover sex-induced fire damage.’ Pulling her upright, he glanced around. ‘Do you have any such concerns about the sofa?’
    Laura wound her arms around his neck. ‘Is it flame-proof?’
    â€˜I should imagine so.’
    â€˜In that case,’ she said, smiling up at him, ‘none at all.’
    â€˜I can’t tell you how glad I am to hear it.’ He scooped her up and strode over to the sofa.
    Setting her on her feet, he unclipped

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