The Darkest Days (Death & Decay Book 0.5)
highway is probably a
mess but maybe you can use the side streets to get you there a
little faster.”
    “I…I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get back
in a car.” He could hear her heavily sigh even through the radio
static. “Elli and I were caught just on this side of the Boone’s
Bridge when those things just came out of nowhere. Then suddenly
they were everywhere. People were running…screaming…dying.”
    After another pause, Olivia’s voice came back
strong and determined. “People were trapped in their cars by them
or trapped by other people. They couldn’t fight, couldn’t escape.
They just had to wait to die. I don’t want to get caught like that.
The roads are probably jammed up everywhere, and it’s going to get
worse throughout the night as more people realize what’s happening.
If we hit a jam, we’ll get trapped just like on the highway, only
this time there will be more of them and we’ll be by
    “I’m glad you made it.” The words were sincere.
He didn’t know this woman but no one deserved the death these
monsters offered. “But you aren’t quite out of the woods yet. Let
me think a minute about a plan B.” Wyatt rubbed his hands across
his face. He paused and wondered how many times he had done that in
the last day.
    “Anybody have any ideas?” He looked between the
group members as he posed the question. “We can’t seem to decide
what’s best for us, but we have each other. Whatever is happening
is at least reaching across the city. This woman is scared and
alone with no one to help keep her daughter safe.” His gaze fell to
Miranda and they locked eyes for a moment. “We can’t give her any
physical help, but I think the least we can do is try to offer her
our advice and support.”
    The group bent in close and the heated debate
started again. This time, however, tempers never boiled over.
Instead, with the purpose of helping another in the same desperate
situation, they came together with determination to find a suitable
    “Olivia, are you still there?”
    “Yes! Yes, I’m here.” She answered a little too
    “What about following Highway Forty? Not
actually on the highway but off the side. Most of what borders the
highway is unused land or residences. There are a few exceptions,
but it should be less populated, which hopefully will mean less of
those things. Your biggest problem will be crossing where Highway
Forty and Seventy meet.”
    “I think that would work,” Olivia said slowly.
“It would almost be a straight shot to the farm.”
    “Listen, Olivia.” Wyatt stood up abruptly and
walked away from the group. “These…people are dangerous. Really
dangerous. Moving around outside with a small child is…” suicidal . He couldn’t say that. What choice did she have?
The deranged were quick and vicious. Moving among them would be a
challenge for an adult that could move quickly and quietly. It
would be nearly impossible with a small child. “Stay under cover.
Stay close to shelter. Stay away from them. Be quick and be quiet.
Be safe.”
    “We will. Thank you, all of you, for your help.
I don’t know how I could ever repay you.” There was a pause but
Wyatt sensed that Olivia was not finished. “Listen, Officer Ward,
when you get out of there. You should head to the farm. I don’t
know if it is even safe anymore, but if it is I’m sure that you and
whoever is there with you will be welcome.”
    “Thank you.” Wyatt looked around the sally port,
unsure how they would ever find a way to free themselves. “We all
appreciate the invitation.”
    “I need to get back to Elli. I’m going to shut
off the radio to conserve its battery,” Olivia concluded quickly.
“Do you mind if I check back in with you later? Maybe around seven
tonight? It would be nice to have someone else to talk to now and
    “Sure.” Wyatt smiled. “It’d be nice to have some
outside contact. I’ll talk to you again later.”


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