The Demented Z (Book 1):The Demented

The Demented Z (Book 1):The Demented by Derek J Thomas Read Free Book Online

Book: The Demented Z (Book 1):The Demented by Derek J Thomas Read Free Book Online
Authors: Derek J Thomas
Tags: Zombie Apocalypse
yelling, a stream of demented came running around the corner,
back toward him. They had heard his shouts and changed prey. Dropping to one
knee, he took careful aim with the pistol and waited, knowing they were too far
away for the pistol. He did not have a count on the demented, but every shot
would have to count. Taking steady deep breaths, he tried to quell his rising
panic. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast he continued to repeat to
smooth pulls of the trigger, he began sending shots downrange. The demented
recoiled from shots to their chests and dropped in heaps on the floor. Some of
the followers stumbled and fell over their comrades’ bodies, but immediately
re-gained their feet, continuing their pursuit. Remaining calm, as if shooting
balloons at the county fair, Tom continued to pull the trigger, sending rounds
down the corridor. Even with consistent shots, the demented continued to appear
behind those that fell to his barrage of lead. They were nearly on top of him.
startling him, Rachael appeared next to him with the shotgun. She barely had
to aim they were so close. With a loud boom, a couple of the demented in the
front were slammed backwards with the impact. Using up her last shot, she could
only watch in horror as several more took their spots.
shots became quicker with the ever approaching group. With a click the slide
on the Glock remained in the back position. He was out of ammo.
standing, he yelled for her to run. There were four demented left, more than
he could hope to take on without weapons. He knew they were doomed, but maybe
he could at least spare her his fate. She stood next to him, unmoving.
squatted down, bracing for impact, then there came a loud boom. The head of
the demented just in front of him exploded in a red flash. Another boom,
another head exploded. The next demented crashed into Tom, sending both of
them flying to the ground. With a grunt, all the air was crushed out of his
lungs. He heard another loud boom, but the demented on top of him continued to
tear at his face, trying to rip into him. Her eyes were circled in red, and her
mouth dripped oozing blood on Tom’s face. With all his strength, he used his
forearm to keep the gnashing teeth from reaching him.
Rachael stepped in behind the demented, shotgun raised above her head like a
baseball bat. With a loud grunt, she brought the butt of the shotgun slamming
down on the skull of the demented. With a sickening crunch, his attacker went
still, dead eyes staring at Tom. He hefted her limp body off of himself.
you.” He sputtered, still out of breath.
sound of boots on concrete caused both of them to look down the corridor.
Jogging toward them was the man from the video feed. He wore a plaid shirt,
jeans, and black combat boots. In his right hand, he held his rifle by the
stock, comfortable with its weight. He came to a stop next to Tom and reached
out with his hand.
was surprised to see the weather hardened and wrinkled face of an older man.
His hair was grey with specks of black. Tom grasped the man’s outstretched
hand, glad for the assistance back to his feet.
a grin the man said, “That was exciting.”
started to say something, but the man looked down the corridor and interrupted
him, “Let’s get somewhere safe kids.”
they would not run into any demented on their way back, Tom and Rachael lead
the way to the security room.
in front of the bank of security monitors, the older man said, “I was wondering
how someone would have known where I was, and that they were coming for me.” He
spun back around in his chair. “Thanks.”
Tom said, “I’m Tom and this is Rachael. You deserve a thanks as well…we were
that same grin from earlier, “Ahhh…I call that a ticker test. Makes sure a man
is still tick’n.” He let out a low chuckle. “Kinda fun.”
wasn’t sure what to think.

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