The Demon's Deception (Demons Unleashed Erotic Novellas)

The Demon's Deception (Demons Unleashed Erotic Novellas) by Lisa Alder Read Free Book Online

Book: The Demon's Deception (Demons Unleashed Erotic Novellas) by Lisa Alder Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lisa Alder
Tags: demon romance
He shoved her hands away, and up to her breasts. With a sharp movement he ripped open the rest of the buttons on her tunic. "Play with yourself."
    Her core ached with the need for him to penetrate her. He continued to kiss and sip and lick but the touch was too light, too soft. She filled her palms with her breasts and squeezed.
    Without looking he lifted his mouth from her sex and commanded, "Pinch your nipples."
    She curved her hands around her breasts and squeezed. As if choreographed, he sucked her clit, hard, into his mouth at the same time.
    Her hips jerked. He growled against her sex. The sound reverberated through her core. "Again," he commanded.
    Dizziness dimmed her vision. And she pinched again. This time he plunged his tongue inside of her as he tweaked her clit even harder. The invasion was a sweet torture.
    "I'm going to fuck you with my tongue. I want you to keep touching yourself." The rough scrape of his stubble against her sex abraded the swollen and tender flesh. As if in sync, he began a thorough fucking with his tongue. Each thrust pushed his chin against the soft swollen mound of her sex. And the sensation was indescribable.
    Too far gone to do anything but obey, Aine pinched her nipples in time to his thrusts. He'd spread her wide and proceeded to slurp and suck and fuck her with nothing more than his mouth and fingers.
    Sensations crowded her. The soft blades of grass beneath her bare back. The slippery silk tunic crushed beneath her hips. The softness of her own hands on her body as with each pluck an answering tug resounded deep in her belly. The awkward stretch of her open thighs. The rhythm of his body as he rocked against her sex, plunging his tongue in and out of her feminine channel. The slightly rough texture of his tongue. The puff of his heavy breath against her sex. And the sensations that had only been hinted at yesterday came roaring back. This was why she'd suggested coming back to this clearing.
    The building sensations pounded at her. Each thrust lifted her higher and higher. Just out of reach was that mystical pinnacle. The reason why Fae, Demon and Human alike sought sexual congress.
    Suddenly sunlight burst behind her eyelids. Her hips jerked and her channel milked the unsatisfactory heft of his tongue. He pressed the flat of his tongue hard against her clit and her body imploded. Her hands fell limply to her side as she rode the wave of her orgasm.
    Power and sunlight flooded through her as her head whirled and her body zoomed on a rush of pure sexual energy. Her heart pounded as if she'd just completed a training exercise against multiple attackers. Sweat slicked her skin and the thick heavy scent from her pussy wafted in the air.
    A long low moan erupted from her mouth.
    Barbas crawled up her body, dropping kisses along the way. The subtle caress of his tongue on her hipbone. The drag of heat against her abdomen. The hard suction of his mouth against her belly button. The nip of his teeth along her ribcage. The sip and suckle of his hot mouth as finally, finally he sucked on her nipples. Each sensuous tug created an answering contraction low in her belly.
    As replete as she was, Aine wanted more. She wanted to pleasure him the same way he'd pleasured her. She began to understand why minstrels wrote songs and poets wrote odes to their lovers.
    She pulled him the rest of the way up her body and attacked his mouth. The salty taste of her own body was on his tongue. "Oh." She broke away. "Do you taste similarly?"
    Barbas barked a laugh. "Wouldn't you like to know?"
    "Actually, yes." She bucked her hips. "Roll over."
    "You're getting feisty again." He nuzzled the sensitive skin behind her ear.
    "Let me have you."
    Barbas played a delicate game of balance. He wanted her to beg. He needed her to trust him. And Gods damn it, but he wanted his cock in her mouth. She was yet too sore to take him again today. Yesterday's penetration had likely hurt her.
    "Are you sore?" he asked, hoping that

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