The Devil To Pay (Hennessey.)

The Devil To Pay (Hennessey.) by Marnie Perry Read Free Book Online

Book: The Devil To Pay (Hennessey.) by Marnie Perry Read Free Book Online
Authors: Marnie Perry
visit the next day before they set out on their honeymoon and her mother had agreed to leave, albeit belligerently.
    She had got very drunk that night and told Adela that she had looked a right mess at the church with that awful dress which made her look like a witch, and her hair all over the place. In the morning the dress had been lying on Adela’s bedroom floor cut to ribbons, that day Adela had gone into town and bought a lock for her door.
    The only other times she had worn make- up or a pretty dress was at David and Sally’s anniversary parties, ten in all, although she had not attended all of them, her mother had been “ill” on several of those occasions. Of the five she had attended she had been roped into helping serve the food and drink. David and Sally’s posh friends had thought she was a member of the catering staff and neither had corrected them.
    Daniel had taken pity on her once and invited her to the pub and she had worn make up then. Although she had not worn a dress she had made an effort to look nice wearing white jeans and a pretty pink blouse, even so it took her all of five seconds to realise that she was over dressed. All she had done for three very long hours was watch her brother and his friends play pool or darts. She'd had a go at playing darts herself thinking, if you can’t beat 'em, join 'em. She had hit the board only twice and some smart aleck had suggested they put the board on the floor for her. She had refused to play pool because she did not like the idea of bending over the table with all those men looking at her posterior as they had done with all the other girls, although they hadn’t seemed to mind.
    Apart from those few times she had never made much fuss about her appearance, but now she carefully applied blusher, eye shadow and mascara as shown to her by the nice lady in the beauty salon. She had also had her hair trimmed and her eyebrows shaped.
    The owner of the salon had asked her if she wanted her hair cut short but of course she had said no. She wondered what it was about hairdressers that when they saw long hair they immediately wanted to cut it all off. She had come to the conclusion that they just wanted to show off the many and varied styles they could accomplish with hair. Not on her time nor on her hair thank you very much. The owner had scowled at Adela before shaking her head and walking away. But the nice lady, whose name was Alice, had rolled her eyes at the owner’s back and told Adela that she had lovely hair and was quite right to have refused to cut it.
    She looked back at herself in the mirror and was amazed afresh at how just a little green to the eyes and a dab of red on the cheeks could make a person look quite different, quite nice in fact. What with the tan and the make up she looked really rather pretty.
    She laughed at herself in the mirror, what, her pretty? Yeah, with cosmetic surgery perhaps.
    She took her dress from the wardrobe; it was dark green with short sleeves a scooped neckline and came to just above the knee. This was one of only three expensive dresses she had ever bought and it suited her perfectly, according to the lady in the dress shop anyway, and this time Adela had to agree.
    She had had her ears pierced when she was eighteen, a sort of treat to herself, and also a little rebellion on her part. Her mother had laughed until she had hiccupped and Adela had never again worn earrings in her presence. But now she put in small emerald studs that matched the dress perfectly as did the necklace and bracelet. These were not expensive items by any means but she had liked them and that was the important thing. Besides, she did not want to wear expensive looking jewellery while she was out alone, some of what Sally had said made sense anyway.
    She put on her gold watch; again an inexpensive item but she had liked it, another treat to herself for her twenty first birthday. She did not let her mind dwell too long on how sad it was that most of

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