The Devil You Need

The Devil You Need by Sam Cheever Read Free Book Online

Book: The Devil You Need by Sam Cheever Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sam Cheever
even looked
as if he’d bulked up a bit.
    Despite his added bulk, the woman Flick was with still
seemed bigger. Her shoulders were broader than his and she had a tattoo of a
dancing angel on one biceps. Her face was round, with high cheekbones, a broad
forehead and wide, deep-red lips. I barely recognized Merriam without the
rapier strapped at her hip and several platinum knives sheathed in her wide,
brown belt. Flick’s girlfriend walked right up to me and pulled me into a hug.
“How you been, girl?”
    I hugged her back, glad to see her again. “I’ve been okay.
How about you? Been in any good battles lately?” I’d learned Merriam was trying
to earn a place in the Archangel ranks. To do it, she needed to prove herself
both on and off the battlefield.
    “Flick and I just got back from a humdinger in the twelve
dimension. The Orks went after the Hobbits again and we needed to step in.” She
grinned while giving a mock shudder. “Those Orks are nasty sons of bitches.”
    I grinned, enjoying her enthusiasm more than I would have
expected. Flick stepped forward and made as if he would hug me too. I quickly
stuck my hand out and, looking more relieved than he should have, Flick clasped
    Silver energy flowed between us and I didn’t even jump. I
was starting to wonder if I’d become some kind of receiver since I’d stepped
onto celestial soil.
    Gus dropped his arm around me and I felt a tiny flutter on
my aura. But when I frowned at him he turned to Merriam. “We’re going to the
cafeteria. Would you guys like to join us?”
    Merriam’s wide face split in a genuine smile. “Meatloaf?”
Her aquamarine-colored eyes sparkled with pleasure.
    “And lime Jell-O,” Gus added. He urged me forward and
Merriam and Flick fell in with us. We headed for an enormous white building in
the near distance that was prominently marked with a large sign in golden
lettering that said The Last Supper .
    I snickered. “Perfect.”
    Flick threw me a smile and, on impulse, I reached for his
hand, squeezing it. “So what do you do while Merriam fights?”
    “I’m on the battlefield too. In the strategy tent.”
    “He’s a genius at battle strategy,” Merriam added, giving
him a hug.
    Flick flushed with embarrassment.
    In that moment I realized that the universe truly did work.
When Flick and Merriam had found each other, I’d been so busy making fun of him
for finally losing his virginity at five-hundred years of age that it never
occurred to me they could be well matched. Even Aunt Myra had had her doubts
about Merriam’s suitability for Flick. But they’d found their paradise and were
making it work.
    It gave me hope for Dialle and my future. Though the thought
of how he’d looked when I left—the pain contorting his sexy features—made my
chest tighten with fear.
    “There’s Myra.” Gus lifted a hand and called out and I saw
my aunt halt mid-conversation a few yards away and nod in our direction. She
touched the other angel she’d been speaking to on the arm and turned away,
striding toward us with a stern look on her beautiful face.
    “Oh goody.” I felt like a wedding party watching a
thundercloud head their way.
    Myra walked up to Gus and embraced him. “Hello, old friend.”
She reached up and tugged on an orange strand of hair. “I like the hair.”
    “Thanks. You don’t think it’s too much?”
    Myra laughed. Her clear, blue gaze found me. “How are your
sessions going, Astra?”
    I glanced at Gus. I was pretty sure they’d been a frunkin’
waste of time so far, but I didn’t want to say it in front of him. “Okay.”
    “She thinks they’ve been a waste of time,” Gus offered.
    “Hey, are you in my head?”
    “In more ways than one, my dear.” Gus laughed at this, a
great fan of himself. “But don’t worry, Astra. We’re not done yet.” He glanced
at Myra and some kind of internal dialogue must have happened because she
suddenly reached for me, grabbing my hand and holding on when I

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