The Devil's Fate

The Devil's Fate by Massimo Russo Read Free Book Online

Book: The Devil's Fate by Massimo Russo Read Free Book Online
Authors: Massimo Russo
minute. We’d be invincible! Nothing and no one could stop us! The whole world would be at our command! Every soul on earth would be lost and vulnerable. Every attempt to take them back home would be useless.”
    “That’s where you come unstuck. You can’t see the bigger picture. All you see is the material aspect, and every detail transmitted to your brain is reduced to a worldly context. You have no idea what’s beyond, because your only goal is to possess without understanding and command without listening. Only an idiot would think of joining forces with you!”
    “Stupid ignoramus! If you knew what I’m really capable of you’d stop trumpeting your mysticism!”
    “I know all about your power. And I also know what you’ll never be able to do. Unlike you, I understand human beings.”
    “Is that right? And what can you see inside them that I haven’t already seen?”
    “I’ve read of a place where the only thing that counts is being there, searching for the missing piece whose existence is engraved in curiosity, vouched for by faith...
    I’ve read of wonderful dreams and ambitions so great they outdo the concept of universe...
    I’ve seen images so beautiful as to beg my eyes not to look at anything else...
    It’s a book with neither pages nor words, but only a myriad of emotions. It’s called: “The Heart of Human Beings...”
    “Damn you to hell!”
    “That’ll never happen. But ... you can always learn to hope!”
    “We’ll meet again soon enough. Then we’ll see who’ll be drinking a toast.”
    “And I’ll be waiting for you. Maybe with a gift of bitterness, just so you don’t forget who you are!”
    Luc’s stare burned into him. He wanted to pulverize him, but knew it would do no good. He would only show his strength to someone who had absolute power over the infinity of time.

Chapter 8
    “Fellow citizens, we are here today to prove that the strength of a few is at times the only way to achieve great and remarkble results. For some time now, we’ve been lobbying for the Government’s collaboration, but we’ve always had the feeling that something is amiss within its mechanisms and corrupt halls. Recent events confirm that our misgivings were not mere illusion, but a true state of affairs, as incontrovertible as faith: the Government is dead!”
    The crowd was in uproar; never had so many people gathered in one place with the sole purpose of listening to a single individual. Tommy Queen could touch people’s hearts with a simple sentence; he was the one the people had been waiting so long for, the one described as “the right man at the right time”. He was handsome, young, athletic, spontaneous, candid and knew how to convince his fellowmen that what he said was... best. His close acquaintances said that if he put his mind to it, he could convince even the mentally ill that they were merely in a semi-conscious state waiting to be awoken by an angel and brought back to the real world. 
    His political career had begun almost as a game. One evening, as he was peacefully sitting in his usual bar sipping his usual drink and listening to country music on the walnut juke-box in the lobby, he had noticed a beefy, grim-faced man weaving wildly across the room and wearing a cowboy hat that gave him the look of a man scarred by life who was longing to smash the world into smithereens out of pure spite. He had continued to repeat meaningless phrases, but anyone who listened closely realized they weren’t so far off target. He was talking to himself: about love, sport, life. But what had struck a chord was the comment that became the motto Tommy would follow for the rest of his life: “The world isn’t ready to be understood; it’s wiser to observe it as it tries to look better in the eyes of the people who want to conquer it”.
    He stepped off the platform and strolled over to the gazebo prepared by the aides who never left his side and with whom he had established a

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