The Domville 7 (The Domville #7)

The Domville 7 (The Domville #7) by C. J. Fallowfield Read Free Book Online

Book: The Domville 7 (The Domville #7) by C. J. Fallowfield Read Free Book Online
Authors: C. J. Fallowfield
again,’ I grinned as I deftly gagged her with her
shredded knickers and knotted them tightly behind her head. She looked back at
me, lust flaring in her eyes. She’d asked for rough and she was going to get
it, and knowing my Nadja, no amount of soundproofing was going to muffle her
screams of pleasure. I kneeled down and bent over her, reaching under her to
drag her corset down and free her breasts, then pinched each of her nipples
hard. The muffled sound of her delighted scream of pleasure made me smile.
‘Don’t worry, I’m going to warm up your tight little French arsehole before I
fuck it.’
    I heard her trying to mumble my name, her eyes widening
in slight panic as she looked back at me. I gave her a reassuring nod. I’d
never intentionally hurt her, we’d role-played enough with a gag for her to
know that if she pinched me, it was her signal to stop, but she was always
extra nervous when it came to me fucking her backside. I grabbed her knees and
pulled them further apart, opening her up for me, her throbbing pussy glistening
with need. I lay on the soft carpet, prising her cheeks even further apart as I
attacked her clit with my lips and tongue. Another orgasm would relax her, make
her more amenable to my invasion. She was so aroused, she was leaking faster
than I could lap her up. Her thighs started trembling as she thrust her hips
back, pushing herself harder against my face, asking for more. I started to
fuck her with my tongue as my right hand reached for the bottle of lube and
depressed the top with my palm, dispensing a load onto my fingers. I quickly
reached up for her backside and traced my way down her crack to her hole,
softly stroking. She flowered open for me, letting me push first one, then two
fingers inside her as my tongue continued to plough into her, building her
higher and higher. The squeals and moans told me she wasn’t far from coming.
She always loved a small butt plug or finger up her arse, as did I when she
returned the favour, but my cock was a whole other issue.
    ‘Damn it, babe,’ I mumbled against her hot flesh. ‘You’re
so fucking wet. Take me back here tonight, and tomorrow I’ll do you vaginally
while the butt plug’s in here.’ I chuckled as she detonated, shaking against my
face as her scream was muffled by the knickers in her mouth. ‘Dirty girl,’ I
added, nipping her quivering clit between my teeth. I pulled out my fingers and
sat back on my heels, grabbing the bottle of lube and smothering my turgid cock
with it. I couldn’t wait to sink into her. I stretched her again with two
fingers, then three, then carefully positioned myself as I gripped her hips. I
slid in slowly, letting out a groan of pleasure as she whined and her fingers
burrowed into the plush pile of the carpet below her. I’d learned my lesson
from last time we attempted this. I’d purchased anal lube, instead of using
normal lube on her, and it seemed to be doing the trick, as she rammed her hips
back, taking me all the way. ‘Fuck,’ I yelled. Tight as her pussy was, much as
I loved the way she milked me with it, fucking a girl’s backside just added
that extra edge, the illicit nature itself heightening my arousal.
    I started pumping slowly, testing her out, then moved
faster and harder. Pretty soon I was grunting like a sumo wrestler, sweat
pouring down my back as I fucked her as hard as I ever had. Blood rushed to my
head and my eyes became unfocused as I felt her tight tunnel caressing my cock.
Vaginally, she could never take me all the way. This way though, there were no
hindrances, other than her state of mind. I figured all of that champagne, as
well as a few orgasms and the right lube, was all that had been needed, as she
was loving it this time. I gritted my teeth, fighting my urge to come as I
listened to her moans, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh, feeling the
heat, not just from the fire, but rising between our fast-moving bodies. Shit,
I was going to come if I didn’t

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