The Dragon Healer

The Dragon Healer by Bianca D'Arc Read Free Book Online

Book: The Dragon Healer by Bianca D'Arc Read Free Book Online
Authors: Bianca D'Arc
skilled and caring lover. So far, this experience had been everything she had dreamed of. Everything she had never thought she would ever experience. Fairy tale stuff about which young women dreamed.
    She reached for him, wanting to give him a taste of what he’d already given her, but he stopped her and moved out of range. Her gaze met his and found him smiling gently.
    “This time is for you, my dear Silla. It is my time to prove to you what you are capable of. My time to try to convince you this should not be our only time. Maybe tomorrow I’ll let you play.” He shrugged, though the look in his eyes told her he was looking forward to letting her have her way with him.
    “You want more than just this night?” she asked, dumbfounded by his words. Could he really want more than just this? She had not dared hope…
    “I want you. Repeatedly. As much as you’ll allow and more.”
    Could he be serious? He looked serious. She began to believe and a small flicker of hope took shape in her heart, a tiny ember that could either be nurtured into flame or left to die on the hearth. Only time would see which way it would go.
    “I want you, Brodie. Will you come into me now?” She spoke in a soft voice, slightly embarrassed by the words, but wanting him to know how she felt.
    The broadening of his smile was her answer as he moved back between her thighs, positioning himself between her slick folds. His tongue had prepared the way, it seemed, eliciting the response from her body that would allow easy passage for his large size.
    She knew the theory of how their parts would fit and had experienced it several times, but never with such a big man and never when she was truly prepared. Never had she responded to any man the way she responded to Brodie.
    He slid inside with only minimal difficulty and then just stayed there, filling her. His gaze sought hers and silent communication seemed to pass between them. His eyes asked if she was all right and seemed to find their answer in her expression.
    She was more than fine, if truth be told. She was experiencing true desire for the first time in her life and enjoying the feel of him inside her, testing her limits, rubbing against hidden points that made her want to squirm.
    It was delightful. And it only got more so when he began to move. A slow rhythm at first that built and built as he watched her every response. A catch in her breath earned her a growl of approval and an increase in the pleasurable assault on her every sense.
    His manly scent enticed her. The sound of his grunts and growls made her passion rise higher. The sight of him rising over her, his body straining against hers, was a new dream come true. The feel of him inside her and against her gave her delicious goose bumps and his skin had an almost addictive, salty tang against her mouth.
    She felt something monumental gathering inside her. Tension of the most delicious kind and much greater than anything she’d experienced before. Her pleasure increased along with his pace until he was ramming into her in short digs that made her keen on every stroke. She came with a cry wrenched from her soul as he tensed above her, his hot seed flooding her womb with his warmth.
    She spoke his name like a prayer as she held on for dear life, her body spinning into the vortex of bliss she had never known. So this then, was what drove so many people. She thought she finally understood. And it had taken this special man to teach her. Brodie was dear to her. So dear.
    She would have said she loved him, if she still believed in such things. But love meant pain in her experience and it never lasted. Still, she was immensely fond of Brodie and would willingly be his bed partner any time he crooked his little finger. She was already addicted to his touch. Addicted to the amazing pleasure only he had ever taken time to show her. Perhaps, she thought, only he could bring it.
    A sobering thought.
    Brodie withdrew after a long moment and reached

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