The Dragon's Descent

The Dragon's Descent by Laurice Elehwany Molinari Read Free Book Online

Book: The Dragon's Descent by Laurice Elehwany Molinari Read Free Book Online
Authors: Laurice Elehwany Molinari
Tags: Ebook
more bones scattered on the path. With a deep breath he stood and dusted himself off.
    â€œCome on, there’s no going back,” Vero said as he slowly walked ahead.
    The light in front of them continued to offer guidance, and soon they reached a large white, open arena so bright they had to shield their eyes. After a few moments, their eyes adjusted. They were standing in a rounded field of bones—a boneyard. A sickening feeling formed in the pit of Vero’s stomach. Thousands of skeleton pieces lay on the ground—skulls, shinbones, collarbones, as well as pieces of arms and legs were scattered in piles.
    Worst of all, there was only one path through the massive, circular arena. The gargoyles lining the walls stood on top of one another, forming a dome-shaped ceiling above. It reminded Vero of the Capital Dome, which he and Tack had visited on a fourth-grade field trip to Washington, D.C.—except this ceiling was constructed out of many frightening-looking gargoyles. The hens flocked around him. They, too, were weary of this forsaken place.
    â€œWhere are we?” Pax asked.
    â€œWherever we are, it sure is creepy,” Vero said.
    â€œLook at those.” Pax pointed to rusted pieces of metal scattered among the bones. “They look like swords and shields.”
    Vero looked closer. “They are swords and shields. These guys must have died in battle.”
    â€œLet’s hurry and get out of here,” Pax said, nervously looking to the lone exit on the other side of the arena.
    Heading toward the escape, they carefully sidestepped around the bone piles, trying not to touch any of the remains and accidentally desecrate them. Little by little, Vero began to feel uneasy, like he was being watched. He quickly spun around. Only Pax was following with the hens.
    â€œWhat?” Pax asked.
    â€œNothing, guess I’m just feeling paranoid.”
    â€œHow could you not in here?”
    As they continued forward, Vero could feel his heart racing and the blood pounding through his veins. Then he heard what sounded like a pebble hitting the ground. He stopped. The hens hop-flew behind him.
    â€œYou hear that?”
    Pax also stopped. “Yeah.”
    Stone gargoyles peered down on them. The sound of crunching bones filled the chamber. Chunks of stone were raining down from the dome’s ceiling, smashing the bones below. Then, to their horror, they realized where the stones had been falling from—the gargoyles! They were shedding their stone shells much the same way the statue angels had shed their salt shells, revealing real flesh and bones and muscles.
    â€œThey’re alive!” Vero yelled, horrified, as one by one living gargoyles broke free.
    The gargoyles had black, slimy hides. Some had wings, while others did not. But all of them smelled foul, like stagnated sewage water. Vero and Pax scrambled over rocks and bones to get out. Just as they reached the exit, a huge gargoyle with sharp black wings and a face that resembled a troll’s flew at the boys, picked both up in his claws, and threw them back into the center of the bone pile.
    â€œThat hurt!” Vero yelled as he sat up, holding his injured backside.
    â€œI can’t find my glasses!” Pax shouted, his hands blindly searching through bones. “I’m practically blind without them!”
    Vero quickly glanced around. They were badly outnumbered—about fifty gargoyles were advancing. Some of the living statues flew above him, while others crawled closer.
    â€œWell, you may not want to see this!” Vero yelled.
    Vero’s sword shot out from his hand. He wielded it at the creatures while he scrambled to stand. Once on his feet, Vero backed up. He grabbed Pax by the collar, trying to escape the way they had entered.
    â€œStay away and I won’t have to kill you all!” Vero shouted to the approaching creatures, knowing it was an idle threat the moment it escaped his

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