The Echoes of Destiny - the Beginning

The Echoes of Destiny - the Beginning by Hannah Pierce Read Free Book Online

Book: The Echoes of Destiny - the Beginning by Hannah Pierce Read Free Book Online
Authors: Hannah Pierce
maybe we could meet downstairs and go somewhere where we can pick up where we
left off, what do you say?”
    “Over my dead body Jason.” In truth I
wanted to tell him that I could even accompany him to his office, before we
made off for the nearest place that we could make out.
    “Come on Dina.”
      “Don’t push it Jason, I lost my
mind for a minute there, but I still don’t wanna do
    “I know you do Dina,” he said unlocking the door, “why don’t we get out
of here and talk about this later before they lock us in the building.”
    As the door flew open, we found stewards cleaning the other conference
room, and they all looked at us with those knowing looks. It was as if they
knew what we had been up to, and I began wondering if they would smell my pussy
juices when they got to the room, because due to the huge discharge, I had
smelled it myself.
    I made a beeline for the exit, and headed to the elevators with Jason
hot on my heels. I wanted to go home and just relax with a huge glass of wine
to cool off my heat. As I reached the elevators, Jason put his arm around my
waist, catching my hip, and not wanting to cause a scene since the guards were
watching, I waited until we were in the elevator, before pulling away from him.
    “I’ll meet you downstairs Dina, okay?”
    “I have other plans.”
    “Tomorrow is a weekend, how about then?”
    “I have other plans.”
    “With whom Dina?” he asked getting infront of
me, and digging his eyes deep into mine.
    “Whoever it is, is none of your--”
    “ Shh ,” he interrupted me, covering my mouth
with his hand, “just tell me when and where. When you look at me do you think
that I am just about to give up?”
    I was dying to tell him that I was ready to be his that very moment,
but my stubborn nature persisted, even though I did not know if I could win the
battle of wills with him. I could feel my body shivering a little inside, and I
desperately wanted to jump into his arms and have him make love to me right
there in the lift.
    “Jason, I think we have both had a long day, and we need to cool off a
little. Let’s take some time to think this over, okay!”
    The elevator finally got to the ground floor, and I dashed out
expecting him to follow me, but to my disappointment, he stayed inside as the
doors shut again. My mind was a mess. I had unsatisfied desire, and I really
needed an avenue out. If I did not get Jason Donovan soon, I was going to go
crazy. My body was still on fire as I made my way home, remembering that I had a
date with daddy.


    Pat arrived to pick me up on time, opening the door to the Bentley for
me as I greeted him. He then slid behind the wheel and drove me to the downtown
hotel where I was to have dinner with daddy. Twenty minutes later, I was seated
in a private dining room with dinner for two set on the table. Daddy walked in
shortly after my arrival looking distinguished as usual. His hairline was
turning silver, while his eyes were a warm blue, sharp with intelligence. He
took time out of his busy schedule to keep fit, and he was looking in superb
shape as he came and kissed me on the cheek. “You look lovely as always, baby
    “Thank you daddy.” I resembled
my mom, my blonde hair and brown eyes a complete replica of her. I always reminded
him of the most precious thing in his life, my mother. He took a seat opposite
me, aware that the backdrop of New York was behind him.
    “Eat girl,” he commanded in the kind of tone that was used by all men
of power, and I wondered if he’d had the same drive that Jason had when he was
his age. The drive of never giving up until they succeeded in
getting what they wanted.
    I picked up my fork and knife and began devouring the baked pasta and
cheese, using the opportunity to take my mind off Jason. I also realized how
ravenous I was, probably due to all the lust and desire that I had been
    “Dina my love, I noticed that you were in Brooklyn

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