The End of the Line

The End of the Line by Jim Power Read Free Book Online

Book: The End of the Line by Jim Power Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jim Power
Tags: Romance
his weapon and
raised his hands. “You win,” he told her.
no reason, she suddenly shot him at close range, her eyes wild with excitement.
The ball struck him on the chest and stung as much as a very hard slap.
for mercy!” she demanded.
turned and walked back into Bubba’s, laying his gear on the counter. Heidi came
in after him, her eyes still hot with excitement. He could tell she wanted to
finish him off, but Bubba allowed no executions inside the shop. Heidi
reconciled herself to that fact, shook her head at the lack of sport Peter had
provided, then took off her equipment.
isn’t a date, he thought. It’s a hostage taking.
go back to the mall,” Heidi said with frustration. “You know, Pete, this really
isn’t what I was hoping for at all. I was looking for a fit guy who enjoys fun
things. To tell you the truth, you’ve been a dead fish. I hate to be critical,
but I have to be honest. My patience is wearing thin. Are you going to liven
up, or what?”
looked at her like a man who had climbed out of a car wreck. “We’re not quite
on the same page, are we?”
me home,” she said when they reached the mall.
thing,” he answered thankfully.
he was driving her, she turned to him. “Maybe I’ve been impatient. Sometimes I
overwhelm men and seem to bring out the wimp in them.”
looked straight ahead and didn’t say a word. When they got to her place, she
insisted he walk her to the door, though it was Peter who felt more like the
damsel in distress. Once at the door, she wouldn’t relent until he came in for
a moment. Feeling discretion was the better part of valor, he decided not to
run for fear it might trigger a predatory response.
my fruit juice,” she said, slipping off her shoes and walking into the bedroom.
“It’s my own special blend. In the fridge, blue pitcher. The glasses are in the
cupboard next to the stove.”
right,” he said, wanting to be friendly. He walked into the kitchen but didn’t
pour a drink for fear it might be spiked. “Well, Heidi, I better be going,” he
called out. “It was lovely meeting you.”
as he walked out of the kitchen, he saw Heidi standing at the bedroom door
wearing a tight, leopard print suit with a tail curved upward at the back. It
looked ridiculous. Peter stopped in his tracks. She stared at him like a big
cat in the jungle, her eyes gleaming.
do you think?” she asked in a low purr. Before he could answer, she continued,
“I don’t like men, you know. I think they’re all a pain in the butt and it
wouldn’t bother me if they all got rounded up and sent to prison.” She moved
toward him. “But you can’t kiss women, can you.” She looked at his mouth and
licked her lips.
it was very nice to meet you,” Peter said, trying to slowly shuffle past her.
you find me attractive?”
of course,” he responded in the tone of someone hoping to avoid being mugged.
smiled coyly. “I don’t want a relationship. I’m just too busy. My thoughts
aren’t long-term.”
interested,” Peter said forcefully.
scowled at him. “What’s wrong?” she snapped. “Does my size intimidate you?
Never seen a strong woman before?”
hardly know you,” he said.
a wimp.”
have to go now.”
next time they’ll send me a real man,” she called as he hurried away.
rushed to the door, opened it without looking back, and walked as fast as he
could to his truck. As soon as he got home, he called the Forevermore
Matchmaking Service.
came Latesha’s sweet, soft voice.
this is Peter Elsworth. I’m one of your clients.”
Peter, so nice of you to call. How did your date work out?”
you have a couple minutes?”
didn’t work out,” Peter said. “In all honesty, it was a disaster.”
sorry,” Latesha replied

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