The Enraged (A Jonathan Quinn Novel)

The Enraged (A Jonathan Quinn Novel) by Brett Battles Read Free Book Online

Book: The Enraged (A Jonathan Quinn Novel) by Brett Battles Read Free Book Online
Authors: Brett Battles
Tags: thriller, Suspense, Mystery, spy, conspiracy
for the fact that they’d find the safe as empty as the hidey-holes. What he saw first, though, were empty white shelves.
    “Where it is?” he asked.
    Misty reached around the doorway, and ran her fingers up the inside molding that covered the jamb until a distinct click echoed through the frame. She pulled her hand back, and removed the middle shelf. Reaching into the closet, she pushed on the wall right where the shelf had been.
    Another click, followed by the wall swinging open, revealing the safe.
    “It’s still closed,” she said, surprised.
    “I assume you know the combination,” Quinn said.
    She nodded.
    The safe had a double lock—part old-fashioned dial, part digital keypad. Misty navigated through the combination and turned the handle. Inside was a stack of file folders about two inches thick, a Beretta 9mm, and a box of ammo. There was no computer.
    Leaving the gun where it was, Misty pulled the files out and opened the first one.
    “We don’t have time for that right now,” Quinn said, trying to contain his frustration at not finding anything useful.
    “What?” Misty looked at him, confused, before realizing what he was talking about. “Oh, right.”
    She moved the files under one arm and reached in to close the safe.
    “Wait a second,” Quinn said.
    “I’m not leaving these here,” she told him, pulling the files close. “Peter wouldn’t have wanted anyone to find them.”
    “That’s not what I meant. May I?”
    After she took a step back, Quinn reached in and retrieved the Beretta and ammo. Since they couldn’t bring weapons with them on the flight north, they had arrived in DC unarmed. Up until the moment they’d entered Peter’s apartment, Quinn hadn’t thought it was necessary. But the fact that someone had searched the place changed things.
    He shut the safe, closed the wall over it, and put the shelf back into place. When he was done, he looked at Misty and said, “Anything else we should check?”
    “Not here,” she said.
    “Okay, then let’s head over to the townhouse. How far away is it?” He tried to sound positive, but he knew whoever had searched the apartment had likely done the same there.
    “Close,” Misty told him. “Under a mile.”
    They locked up the apartment and made their way to the elevator.
    As they were heading down, Misty said, “Do you think it was there before? Whatever it is Peter wanted us to find?”
    “Let’s not worry about that until we’ve checked everywhere,” Quinn said.
    A ding signaled the approach of the ground floor. As soon as the doors parted, Quinn started to lead the others out, but abruptly stopped.
    While the building’s lobbywas empty, standing right outside the glass front door were four hard-looking men in dark suits. That alone would have been enough to register on Quinn’s internal radar. The visible lumps of concealed weapons under their arms amplified the alarm.
    He backpedaled into the car, nearly knocking Misty over in the process.
    “What are you doing?” she asked.
    Instead of answering, he jabbed the button for the top floor and peeked back into the lobby. When he’d first seen the men outside, they’d been conferring with each other, and hadn’t appeared to notice that the elevator had arrived. But now, as the doors began to shut, one of them was peering through the window.
    “What is it?” Daeng asked.
    Quinn looked at Misty. “You’re sure Peter didn’t have any kind of arrangement with a security firm to watch his place?”
     “Positive,” she said.
    A gentle jolt rocked them as the car began its slow ascent.
    “I’m not talking about your standard rent-a-cop place,” Quinn said, thinking about what the men outside had looked like. “Top tier.”
    “Not unless something changed he didn’t tell me about. What’s going on?”
    “We’ve got company.”
    “How many?” Daeng asked.
    “I saw four,” Quinn said. “There might be more.”
    Misty stared at Quinn. “What do they

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