The Experiment

The Experiment by Christopher Costanza Read Free Book Online

Book: The Experiment by Christopher Costanza Read Free Book Online
Authors: Christopher Costanza
studied at the ACI. They believe it might be a way to artificially induce a state of mind where the person can unlock more of their potential.
    He also advised that I make sure not to be afraid as they initiated the process, otherwise I may not have a “good sleep.”
    Apparently, there have been cases of people coming out irreversibly traumatized because they basically lived in a nightmare created by their subconscious for years.
    He assured me that it was an extremely rare occurrence and that I had nothing to worry about… I wish he just never brought it up in the first place…
    Luckily, I don’t think that would be a problem. Like Horus and Commander Neros, I was confident we would succeed and enable the ACI to keep theirpromise to the unprotected cities of Aeris. After seeing the Aurora, the Sirius, and everything else the ACI was truly capable of, any fears I may have had completely vanished.
    The people who made this all possible are very special in a way someone like me can’t even begin to understand. The ACI and everyone here had my unwavering faith and admiration…
    When my turn finally came up, I jumped right in.
    The technician laughed and said “Ok… I guess you’re ready to go huh?”
    I looked up at him and said “You have no idea.”
    “Get ready, a lot of people tend to panic when they realize they can’t breathe, just tell yourself it only lasts a few moments… Going in scared isn’t the best thing. Ok?”
    I nodded.
    He closed the capsule and as his hand reached out to initiate the process I did my best to think of all the amazing things that would be waiting for me on X-451… For some reason, all I could think about was Sara…
    The capsule began to fill with the yellowish gas and I felt myself fade away.

Chapter 4
    A s my eyes opened I could see the blurred image of a man putting an oxygen mask over my face… My head was pounding, my ears were buzzing, and I was having trouble breathing. For whatever reason, it almost felt like I was underwater - my senses were completely numb… I was doing everything I could to move but nothing was happening. I couldn’t even turn my head.
    I just barely heard him say “Please remain calm, you’re breathing will return to normal soon. Don’t try to move just yet.”
    Seconds after the pure oxygen entered my lungs I could feel myself breathing deeper and deeper, just as he said…
    When my vision finally became somewhat clear, I looked over and saw Horus and Sara looking down at me. I was trying to get up but I still couldn’t move and for some reason all I could think about was Sara. It was almost as if I missed her, like I hadn’t seen her in a very long time…
    As I looked at her, all these emotions I didn’t understand came rushing over me… I couldn’t help but stare into her eyes, just like when we met.
    Strangely, she did the same…
    Horus said “Look at him, he won’t take his eyes off of you… Seems like he’s experiencing it too Sara.”
    “You think so? Why would this happen Horus?.. I barely even know him…”
    I closed my eyes for a few moments and tried to concentrate on my breathing. When I looked back over for Sara she was gone... I tried to raise my head and look around the room for her but I couldn’t… All I could do is wait to be able to move again…
    After a minute or so, the technician asked me to move my legs. It was difficult, like my mind wasn’t quite linked to the rest of my body yet. Apparently I was able, so he and Horus helped me out of the capsule. It was hard to stand, and even harder to walk; almost as if I were learning for the first time.
    My whole body felt so weak and rigid as the technician led me to a chair.
    “Take a seat, the effects will be gone in a matter of minutes… just relax and don’t try to stand by yourself yet.”
    As I sat there struggling to gain my composure, I noticed Sara staring at me from the other side of the room. When our eyes met, for whatever reason I could sense

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