The Fall of Sky (Part Two)
    “Jonas wanted me to.”
    I slumped in my chair, feeling defeated. “What else did he say?”
    “He wanted me to watch over you, make sure you’re okay. He misses you.” Emilio continued to eat as if he was talking about boring mundane office work. I wasn’t sure if it horrified me or made me feel even more pissed off.
    I huffed. “He does, huh?” I shook my head and shoved my taco plate away. My appetite had died within a millisecond of him saying Jonas’ name.
    “Yes, he does.” Emilio’s relentless gaze made me squirm in my bones. Why was it so hard to see what he was thinking? What could be lurking in that head of his? Did it even bother him his brother was asking about me? “In fact, I think he actually is telling me the truth.”
    “Well, he hasn’t even called me.” I frowned and smashed my napkin before I pulled it apart into tiny, ripped up pieces, not even sure why this fact was bothering me.
    The weight of Emilio’s stare made my cheeks run hot, and I couldn’t bear to look back up to him. Why this man made me feel like he wanted no one else in the world, and yet made me squirm with just one look, made me wonder if I did the same to him.
    “Do you want him to call? I can pass on the message.” Emilio tossed his crumbled up napkin onto his plate and leaned back, never looking away, always so sure of himself. How does a person remain utterly confident, no matter what? How did they remain calm and composed, when life usually felt like a storm brewing across every horizon I crossed? I hated him for it, but envied him at the same time.
    “I don’t know,” was all I could manage. I picked at the remains of my tacos and wondered if I should eat them or give up. I gave up in the end and rose, shoving the chair back before making my way to the waste receptacle and tossing half my lunch away, followed by my drink cup. Emilio was hot on my heels and followed by dumping his trash, coming after me as I walked back onto the main market street. He didn’t miss a beat, did he? It made me wonder if I’d ever be able to shake him. But did I want to shake him off? I didn’t know the answer to that.
    “Are you going to follow me all day? Is that what Jonas told you to do?” I chastised, giving him a cold, hard, mocking look. I dared him with my eyes to give me the wrong answer. Challenging people was my gift. Audrey always said I should’ve been a lawyer or a politician. I’d burn my competition with the stare downs and quick rebuttals against anything said. Whittling down the enemy with my cool, sharp tongue was fun. I got off on it, so what?
    His response wasn’t the fight I’d expected. In fact, he gave a short nod and grinned sheepishly like he was forming a tiny plan inside that head of his. It was the look of a hunter, a player…something I recognized in myself. I’d never met my match before, and I didn’t feel like doing so just yet.
    “Can I? Jonas didn’t ask me to yet, and I didn’t volunteer, but…” His eyes roamed over my chest and down to my hips, causing a slight pleasurable shiver to run down my insides. “If you let me, I’d love to do any kind of following you allow of me.”
    My words stuck in my throat, and I literally had to fight to suck in a breath after holding it for a second too long. How dare he be so damn charming? Flicking my gaze back and forth from one of his dark eyes to the other, I searched them for something to make me turn right then and flee through the crowd, never to look back. I dug into those soft, brown portals that held so much yet didn’t give me as much as I wanted from them. They wanted more. I wanted more. The problem was, I just didn’t know if I could give enough. What would it cost me?
    “Okay.” I turned and took a step forward, but before I could complete it, he had a hold of my wrist and was spinning me around.
    “Liv,” My name on his lips was all it took. He had me, and I hadn’t ever planned to give

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