The Full Circle Six

The Full Circle Six by Edward T. Anthony Read Free Book Online

Book: The Full Circle Six by Edward T. Anthony Read Free Book Online
Authors: Edward T. Anthony
and made their way back to the navigation center, Jaws was just finishing recounting what he saw on the surface to the others.
    Croxon was already in the medical quarters, preparing for the arrival of the wounded, when Pricilla opened the door, trying to drag the heavy captain with what little help the injury transport cart could give. Iriarte was holding a large syringe filled with a glowing blue liquid. Having been in many events with Drake before, Croxy knew what Drake, or anyone else, would need had they gotten themselves in any trouble. It seemed as though Pricilla had different ideas for treating the captain.
    â€œWhat, may I ask, are you doing in my quarters?” Priscilla exclaimed, while moving Drake onto an operation module.
    â€œI was sent here by Sammy earlier, to clean up the medical quarters, and prepare for any wounded, and I am the medical assistant, after all, these are my quarters too.” Croxon answered diligently. “What happened to him?” It then asked looking down at Drake.
    â€œI will be able to take care of the wounded, please wait outside while I attend to the commander, assistant.” Priscilla did not even look as Croxon left the quarters. She began to wash Drake clean of the spore dust, believing this to be the source of his infliction. This process, she deemed effective when Drake started coming around. She noticed a fever and turned around to retrieve the proper compound, when Drake let out a terrifying, nightmarish scream.
    â€œAHHHHH … AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH … NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Drake started jerking violently, and when Priscilla got near to calm him down he grabbed her by the dress and uttered one word before going into a rage again. “Crrroxxy.” Priscilla began to try and assure the captain that she could take care of him. “NOOOOOOOOO, bring me Croxon! Now!” With Drake jerking even more violently, Priscilla had no choice but to summon Croxy.
    The assistant came back through the door to the medical quarters, again holding the large syringe. It moved toward the M.O. and the injured with slow, determined, calculation.
    â€œHere now, cap.” Croxon soothed. “This will make it all better.” When the needle slid into Drake‘s shoulder, Croxy pressed the plunger with his thumb. A small, high pitched, hissing sound ensued.
    â€œWhat in the …” Pricilla was looking at her new assistant and seemed bewildered.
    â€œShhhhh” Croxy interrupted, though it was tough to tell whom it was trying to silence, as it was looking toward nothing in particular. The contempt and shock on Pricilla’s face went unnoticed as well. Once the injection was complete, Croxon then walked to a corner of the quarters that held its ‘medic case’. Here, it picked up the case, inspected its contents, and calmly carried it back to place on the floor beside Drake. One by one, with a slightly demented look in its eyes, the former racecraft medical operator selected the needles and injected Drake seemingly at random, injecting the last two at the same time. All of the other syringes also made that small hissing noise.
    â€œWhat in the name of medicine do you think you are doing? Are you insane?” Priscilla was frightened to the point of tears. Frantically, she began to scramble across to Croxon and Drake.
    Croxy finished re-latching its medic case and locked a serene gaze onto Pricilla’s panic stricken face, while replying, “I do nothing in the name of medicine. The captain will be fine now.”
    Just as Croxy finished speaking, Drake raised an arm and clapped his long time healer on the back.
    â€œJust what I needed.” He managed to croak. “I should have taken you, old Croxy … I should have taken you.”
    At this, Pricilla became indignant and, with a disgusted look at both of her teammates, she turned to storm away. Before getting through the door, she glanced to her left and happened to notice a shelf

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