THE GLADIATOR by Sean O'Kane Read Free Book Online

Book: THE GLADIATOR by Sean O'Kane Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sean O'Kane
make a move, and the fact that he was now on the lookout for it might do him a lot of good.



    Chapter 4
    The weeks following the first show were as hard as ever for the slaves. Training went on unabated and the guards began to make references to another show - and this time they were to be the ‘away’ team.
    But Tara was completely happy with her lot. Every day was a test and she knew her trainer and owner were pleased with her because they personally took charge of her in the evenings. However gruelling the day had been, she and her stablemates were tested for their sexual performance under the whip, the cane and the crop. Tied down over trestles, fully extended in the frames or just bending over in the main body of the stable, the four star performers were beaten with a casual air of experimentation that she found thrilling. The girls were compared for the traces left on their skins, for how many lashes they could take before wriggling or moaning. And then the adored, imperious shafts of maleness would penetrate them and notes would be taken by the ever-present grooms as the men commented on the strength of their internal muscles and any improvements in their grip, or how patiently and cleverly their mouths worked on them. Tara was desperately envious of the three tongue-ringed slaves and longed to be able to tease and caress the two men who dominated her life so utterly, with the very symbol of her complete submission. So when either Carlo or her owner did consent to spend themselves in her mouth she was almost beside herself with pleasure and gratitude.
    Finally, as she was chained on her straw for the night, her groom would kneel astride her face and, stroking her hair as she would a fretful pony, would encourage her to lick long and deep. So every night she fell asleep with her skin still singing from the beatings and her mouth still redolent of male and female sexes.
    Their status had been underlined by the way the owner had reacted when the grooms had mistreated them on the night the staff had been allowed to celebrate winning the show.
    Tara had heard the noises coming from the guards’ barracks, household slaves and grooms were obviously being thoroughly enjoyed. Very late, the four grooms had come into the stables, plainly drunk and determined to enjoy their superiority over their charges in their turn. They had taken the four inmates of the stalls out into the stableyard, where they had made them crawl on hands and knees, while they rode them and beat them, then made them eat pussy. As soon as Tara had nosed her way between the first girl’s strong thighs, she had smelt the male essence oozing out of both her passages and had set to work eagerly licking up all she could get. In fact it had been quite an enjoyable night, the grooms had produced some sizeable dildos afterwards and stuffed all four slaves, front and rear before riding them again.
    But in the morning there had been hell to pay. Both trainer and owner had been outraged that the crops and whips had been taken to the most valuable slaves on the estate without any permission at all. And in the afternoon retribution fell. The four miscreants, still only clad in their ragged shirts which left their trembling legs naked, were lined up in the courtyard under a thick beam which had been slung from the roof of the horses’ stable right across to the slaves’ stable. They were sentenced to two hundred lashes each, to be delivered in two tranches of a hundred. The boss had passed sentence and had then asked if they accepted that the offence was grave and that therefore the punishment should be. All four of the condemned had murmured their agreement and had then slipped off their shirts and readied themselves for suspension and flogging.
    Tara and her three stablemates were the only slaves who witnessed the punishment. They were tethered outside their stable, their hands drawn down in front, restraints clipped together and then a chain

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