The Guardian (The Gifted Book 1)

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Book: The Guardian (The Gifted Book 1) by C. L. McCourt Read Free Book Online
Authors: C. L. McCourt
understand what she meant." He laughed to himself. "I told her not to stay out too late and then went back inside. Little did I know that would be the last time I would see her. I found her letter and a stack of official documents on my dresser later that evening, leaving me this house and all her money and asking me not to look for her."
    The room had become silent. No one was eating or speaking . They all held their breath. All eyes were on Caille as he stared into his food, remembering the night he lost his mother.
    Pam asked, "What did the letter say?"
    Caille tried to shrug off his feelings, acting as if it didn't pain him to know she'd left him. "You know. She said she loved us but she'd been away from her home too long. She said she would return. That's why I didn't worry too much. But over the years, I realized she was truly gone. Part of me believed that she was from the world in her stories ... another part didn't." He shook his head and chortled. "She walked into the woods and disappeared." He snapped his fingers. "Just like that. I didn't see it, but when we searched for her, we found her tracks. They simply stopped. She'd disappeared."
    Deep down, Caille knew where she had gone, but he couldn't bring himself to say it.
    Daen had heard what he needed to hear but it didn't help. Apparently the woman he was to help was in Luxatra. The fact that she'd never returned to her family in Luxatra was surprising. He knew the Gaulettes. He would have known of her return. Something had happened to her. Was that why he was here? Something wasn't right.
    The lunch conversation regained a happy tone when Randell blurted out that Daen was teaching him how to sword fight. Well, happy was how Randell saw it. Caille and Mary weren't so sure.
    Randell jumped away from the table. "Do you want to see?"
    "Randell! " Pam scolded. "Sit until we're done. Then you can show them."
    Randell slid back into his seat and continued eating his lunch, glancing around the table, waiting for the first sign that lunch was over.
    As soon as lunch was finished and his mo ther and grandmother were clearing the table, Randell ran from the room to retrieve the two dowels he and Daen used to practice sword fighting. He ran back into the kitchen and stood quietly, hoping to be noticed, anxious to show off what he'd learned so far.
    Daen laughed to himself. He had grown quite fond of the young man and didn't have the heart to ignore his obvious request. Daen stood and held out his hand for the dowel. "Come on. Let's go out back."
    Randell beamed with excitement as he followed Daen out the kitchen door to the back yard. Caille followed closely behind, looking forward to providing his grandson support.
    Daen pointed to a place next to him, just as he did every morning at practice.
    Randell took his place, explaining to Caille they needed to warm up first.
    Caille nodded with understanding.
    Daen and Randell started their warm-up dance and Ander spoke quietly to Caille. "It's amazing how Daen can keep him focused. You know how he is."
    Caille understood.
    Ander continued, "When Randell started learning, Daen wouldn't let him do the dance with the dowel until he mastered the positions in the warm-up exercise. He graduated to the dowel a couple weeks ago and is doing quite well."
    Caille watched with interest, intrigued by the grace and precision Daen and Randell demonstrated. "Are you going to get him a real sword?"
    "He's asked for one. Daen arrived with two swords, the sword he had in his youth and a much larger, heavier sword made for him when he became a guardian ... or I should say a warrior guardian. He's indicated that Randell can learn with the smaller one when the time comes, but I think Randell's going to want his own."
    Caille raised a brow. "Are you going to get him one?"
    Ander nodded. "Probably, but don't say anything."
    Randell and Daen finished the warm -up and Caille applauded just as Mary stepped out onto the porch and applauded as well. "I

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