The Heart of War

The Heart of War by Lisa Beth Darling Read Free Book Online

Book: The Heart of War by Lisa Beth Darling Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lisa Beth Darling
face into the deep patch of dark hair on his chest. His full lips turned upward into a genuine smile as he found he enjoyed the weight of this woman in his arms. “You think she will displace you?” Ares nearly laughed as he thought of the belt keeping him and any male at bay. If he couldn’t screw her, what good was she to him other than the little mystery with which she presented him?
    (And that kiss)
    Kat did not like the grin that suddenly broke out on his handsome face, and she liked looking at the gray haired woman in his arms even less. “I’m in charge of the women here,” she said through gritted teeth. “I say who comes and goes from this bed.”
    “Wha—what did you say, dear Katrina?” Ares held a hand to his ear. “I know you are not challenging my authority. Not here on my island, in my home, in my bedroom!”
    It was in the way his lips hardly moved and yet his words were clear and unmistakable that sent a cold shiver through Kat. “No.”
    “I didn’t think so. You would never be so foolish, would you?” Ares didn’t wait for her to answer. “Now, you can take yourself back to your bed or you can start swimming, go back to slinging drinks and fending off drunks if that’s what you want. The choice is yours. Either way…get out of my room. Your company is not wanted tonight.”
    Chapter Three
    Slowly ascending the levels of consciousness, Maggie’s nose twitched as something tickled it. She swiped a sleepy hand across it then laid her hand down. Her fingers entwined in something that was soft yet coarse.
    Was that fur?
    Fur was nice, it was comfortable and…
    Was it…moving?
    Up and down very slowly.
    Was it… thumping?
    A strong steady thump-thumpa-thump
    A heartbeat?
    Maggie’s eyes rolled opened as she tried to focus. She saw dark hair and what looked like flesh but…“Oh!” She skittered away and sat up as she realized she was laying next a man. There she was with her head on his chest, his lungs pumping air into him and his heart beating just below her hand.
    Ares sat up in the bed. He had been awake for several hours but he’d come up here a while ago to check on her. When he sat next to her, she moved closer to him almost inviting him to lie down and nap with her. So, he did. “Good afternoon,” Ares intoned. “You snore like a freight train, did you know that?”
    “I wh-what?” Maggie gasped as she grabbed for the thick skins around her and clutched them to her. “Oh Gods, I’m still dreaming.”
    “I told you already, it’s no dream, woman. Here, let me help you,” he said cheerily just before he slapped her lightly across the face. “Did you feel that? Shall I do it again?”
    Holding a hand to her cheek, Maggie skittered the rest of the way off the bed. Still clutching one of the skins to her, she sprinted over to the door and pulled on the knob, but it would not give. “Let me out of here!”
    “Is that any way to treat your host? The man who saved your life, hmm, woman?”
    “My name is not woman!” Maggie railed.
    “Ahh, now we’re getting somewhere. Just what is your name? Where did you come from and how the hell did you get to my island?”
    She must still be dreaming. Maybe she was dead. Dead was probably the most likely option and it seemed almost calming until the panic set in— what if she wasn’t dreaming or dead? What if this was real? “Let me out! I don’t want to be in your bedroom!” She yanked on the doorknob repeatedly before beating her fists against the wood.
    “Oh, I’m crushed,” Ares said scornfully. “Here last night you kissed me and told me you loved me.”
    His words froze her in place for a moment, with her hand still fisted and ready to pound. “I did no such thing,” she whispered. Although, now that he’d mentioned it, she had a vague recollection of a lovely dream in which a warm set of full lips pressed to hers and her fingers wrapped in waves of raven hair. Maggie turned around to face him.

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