The Huntress Book 1 Memories
afraid.” she assures me again. “We
do not and will not do anything bad.”
    I get up from the chair.
    “I... have to go. Thank you for the food, but
I got to go.”
    I go to the door, keep looking at her.
    Kyrya moved so quickly that made me recoil in
    “Oh, do not worry. I meant wait to give you
    She returns in record time with the most
beautiful clothes I've ever worn. Jeans, T-shirts with short
sleeves and long-sleeved shirts, a few sweaters, leather jackets,
trendy footwear. Yes, even underwear. I haven't had anything like
this ever in my life. I put my hands behind me, trying to stop them
to lie to those wonders. I have never received alms and I am not
going to start now.
    “Please, do not deny them. They have
    Her voice becomes muffled and her eyes glow
with pain.
    They have been to... Our daughter. She...
she... she died.”
    From the corner of the room, I hear Dom
making a sound as painfully. Their suffering moves in a specific
way. I grab the clothes.
    “I... Thank you.”
    The words come out of my mouth a little too
harshly. I just scratch my throat when I pronounced them, for I did
not pronounce them too often and it’s difficult for me to do so.
The woman nears me.
    “If you could, come to us. At any time. Not
only when you need it.”
    In the darkness, I hear Dom’s voice.
    She pays no attention to him.
    "You come back anytime you want.”
    I hear Dom’s sighs of capitulation.
    “But never look in the trash again. And never
ever take anything from there.”
    The voice sounds like a warning. Not that I'd
be coming back here. On the way home I realize that there are still
people in this world. I don't like Dane, the pig.

Chapter Six
    It is needless to say that many people have
made big eyes when they saw me wearing my new clothes and so well
shod. I'm sure they thought I stole them. Because I heard them
whispering in corners. And especially since they all know I do not
get handouts from anyone.
    It is already December, but we didn’t have
yet a fall of snow. But after the cold and by the smell I know it
won’t last long until the first snow. I think I have developed
several senses, so to speak. For example, I knew exactly when
changing weather, even by the smell of nature.
    Faithful to the promise I made, I never
talked with Dane. I saw him in the corridor; sometimes I felt he
watched me, but I've never addressed him any word. From the moment
he told me that I was beautiful, when we first met at school, he
had the boldness to speak to me.
    “Hello, Patricia. I think you
    Anyway, I cannot stand to be called so. I
passed him without letting him speak. Since then, we have not
talked. Not that I had anything to lose, anyway. And if at first, I
went to the river with the fear of facing him, I was soon relieved.
I didn’t meet him there. Every time I felt time a strange presence,
but no matter how sharply I looked surroundings, I could not see
    I must admit that I was very proud of my
clothes. Especially now that I had enough to change. Director
Watson never called me into his office again, and he looked at me
rather scared. I admit that this thing terribly amuses me.
    But otherwise, nothing changed. Even though I
had a few nice clothes I remained all poverty, still a pariah, the
same person non-grata. But at least I wasn’t so ashamed. And I
didn’t feel the cold air as usual.
    Just that I was really hungry. I remembered
Kyrya and Dom. I remembered all that food. And I felt guilty that I
had not brought to my mother some a part of it.
    She didn’t even ask me where I got the
clothes from. I gave some to her so that she would wear them. Maybe
I will go for a run at those decent people. So I was thinking while
I went home. Funny how we have gotten to say "home" to any place we
are accustomed, whether it's about a cottage, an apartment, a
mansion, a burrow, or even a shelter made of paperboard.

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