The Ice Marathon

The Ice Marathon by Rosen Trevithick Read Free Book Online

Book: The Ice Marathon by Rosen Trevithick Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rosen Trevithick
I dare to believe that my worst fears had been eliminated?
    “There are no obvious heart or skeletal defects. However, you
and your baby will need to be monitored throughout your pregnancy and
immediately afterwards. The obstetrician will talk you through this in more detail.”
    “But there’s nothing big?”
    “There’s nothing obvious at this stage.”
    “So this is good news?” checked Simon.
    “Yes,” she said, smiling. “This is good news.”
    I didn’t notice that Simon was holding my hand until he
squeezed it. For somebody who hadn’t wanted a baby, he wasn’t half smiling.
    “Do you want to know the sex?” asked the lady.
    Simon looked at me. I nodded.
    “Yes please!” we replied, in unison.
    “What would you like?” asked Nicky.
    I was surprised to note that I hadn’t thought about its sex
once – I’d been so focussed on the baby’s health. I supposed that I might
prefer a girl – a baby girl would be a little version of me, and feel less like
an intruder than having a little version of Simon inside me. But then again,
watching a little boy grow up would be fascinating. I just wanted to meet him
or her.
    “I don’t mind either way,” I said
    “Me neither,” agreed Simon.
    “It’s a boy,” the lady told us.
    “Yes!” whooped Simon, punching the air. I found myself
laughing. Nicky was chuckling too.
    I had been wrong – there were no options. Now that I’d seen
my baby, there was only one road ahead. He wasn’t an ‘it’ anymore, but a tiny
little boy – our tiny little boy. I wondered how Simon would take the news.
Watching him dancing with delight, I felt certain that he’d be happy with my
    Three days ago, the very thought of having a baby horrified
me, but this experience – seeing my son on the screen, hearing that he looked
healthy, seeing Simon react to the news – it changed every part of me,
    * * *
    We sat in the park enjoying the beautiful weather and our
post-scan buzz. A gentle breeze and puffy clouds thwarted the sun’s desire to
cook us alive. I was elated. I was having a beautiful baby and I felt that
nothing could burst my bubble.
    “Are you all right?” asked Nicky, for the fifth time.
    I smiled. “Never better.”
    “You and Simon seem to be getting on all right …”
    “Admittedly, he was pretty sweet in there.”
    “I was fighting back tears when he started dancing!”
    I remembered Dave, and how much Nicky must long to see him
dance at a scan. “It will happen for you,” I assured her.
    “I hope so,” she said, looking into the distance.
    Simon returned from the ice cream van carrying three fruit
juice lollies.
    “Didn’t have any Magnums?” I asked. I distinctly remembered
asking for a ‘large, gooey choc ice on a stick’.
    “I thought fruit juice would be better for the baby.”
    What? Argh!
    Suddenly I felt the urge to slap him. The realities of
having a baby with a man I didn’t know flooded back to me. True, we’d shared
something special at the scan, but Simon was still the infuriating,
self-assured plonker that I’d met at dinner. How dare he tell me what was best
for the baby growing inside me ?
    Two teenagers walked past enjoying Cornettos. I felt certain
that ice cream would not hurt a baby. However, even if I marched over to that
van and demanded a choc-ice, sooner or later I would be required to make a
sacrifice that I could not avoid.
    Still, sacrifices for the good of my baby were one thing,
taking orders from the likes of Simon was something else entirely. I may be
sharing my body with his son, but that did not give him the right to boss me
around. I took a lick of the lolly – it was actually damn delicious, but that
was beside the point.
     “Don’t you have to get back to work?” I said, pointedly.
    “No, I’ve taken the whole afternoon off.”
    I looked at Nicky and frowned. I had enjoyed sharing the
ultrasound with Simon – really, I had – but now I needed some space. I was

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