the imprecation of wizards
Anahita and said,
“You mistake!”
    But Anahita said as was
crying, “Shut up! Witless. I mistake?! So, who is this dissolute
    Suddenly Mitra slapped her
as she was thrown backward on the ground and before Mitra could say
something, Mikhail hit to her face very hard as she fell on the
ground. Mikhail went angrily toward Mitra and said, “If you hit her
another time, I will kill you.”
    Mitra who had shocked said,
“What are you doing?! She affronted to me!”
    Mikhail, “I don't
    Mikhail came back toward
Anahita who was crying and he sat beside her and said sadly,
“Please don't cry. I swear, I don't know her and I don't know why
she hugged me!”
    Anahita looked at Mitra and
said, “Because she is a dissolute.”
    Mitra said angrily, “shut
    Anahita, “Your dress is like
    Mitra, “Silly girl! This is
normal in the city! Your mind is yokel.”
    Anahita looked at Mikhail
and said sadly, “So you like this dress?!”
    Mikhail said angrily, “I
said I don't know her! Why don’t you understand?!”
    Anahita slapped him and
said, “Because I am a fool. Because Key Holder was intending to
choose me, but when the betrothed of Jill protested, he chose Jill.
You know that if he was doing it, I would kill myself, like your
    Mikhail hugged her as was
pouring tears and said, “You don't have right do it,
    Anahita hugged him and
smiled sadly while Mitra was looking them aghast and got up quickly
and went toward them and separated them from each other and said,
“What are you doing?! You don't have right who fall in love with
    Anahita got up angrily and
said, “So he should be in love with you?! Naked girl!”
    Mitra wanted to hit her but
controlled herself and said, “Shut up! Yoke girl!”
    Mikhail, who did not like to
see their fight, went between them and said loudly,
    Suddenly they became silent
and Mikhail looked at Mitra and said, “Who are you
    Mitra looked at Anahita and
said, “First she must go.”
    Anahita said angrily, “I
don't go anywhere.”
    Mitra wanted to say
something that they heard a motorcycle's voice and they looked at
the top of valley. At there had stopped Gary as was looking to them
surprisedly. Gary dismounted quickly from his motorcycle and ran
toward them and he stopped near Anahita and said angrily, “What are
you doing here?!”
    Anahita went behind Mikhail
from fear and did not say anything as had hugged him. Mitra who had
become panicky, wanted to say something but Gary said sooner, “I
know you. I’m Gary.”
    Then he looked at Anahita
while Mitra had become calm now and said, “Come with me, this time
I don't say anything to Key Holder for your father, but another
time you will punish.”
    Mikhail looked at Gary and
said angrily, “Nobody have right to punish her.”
    Gary took a deep breath and
said, “If the hybrids had seen her, they would have punished her.
She must come with me, now.”
    Gary got her hand as Anahita
was looking sadly at Mikhail and Mitra. Anahita put her hand on
Mikhail’s chest and went with Gary. When they went, Mitra went
opposite Mikhail and slapped him and said, “Never hit me for
    Mikhail took a deep breath
and said, “I'm sorry. But if you hit her again I hit you
    Mitra said aghast, “Do you
want to say, you love her?!”
    But Mikhail did not say
anything and Mitra said sadly, “But you can't to love her! You don't know who you are actually.”
    Mikhail who had become angry
said loudly, “Who are you at all?! Why you think you know
everything about me?! Where you were, when I needed to
    Mikhail went quickly toward
his ring and removed it and put it in his finger until became calm.
Mitra went sadly toward him as was staring agog at the ring. When
the ring became blue and Mikhail became a little calm, Mitra said,
“I'm sorry. But know this; if we had known about you, we would have
come immediately.”
    Mikhail, who wasn’t

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