The Khufu Equation

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Book: The Khufu Equation by Rail Sharifov Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rail Sharifov
Tags: adventure, Ancient, treasure, discovery
somewhat more resolute, even indignant. "It isn't your business, if you don't mind my saying so. It's my business and my life."

    "Excuse me," he said, "for just a moment."
    Unceremoniously, Jean-Pierre reached for the handbag, found a little notebook and a pen inside, and scribbled something into the book. Then, he returned everything to Jeanette.

    "For God's sake, please . . . at least call me when you get home," he said. "I'm really embarrassed that leave you like this, in your condition." The young woman didn't answer but gave a slight, shy smile. She turned round and, with a downward gaze, began walking toward the nearest crosswalk.
    If anybody could know that at the moment, when Pierre was passing the bag to the beautiful young Creole, that pair of attentive, poisonously green eyes was watching the events on the long pier. Jean-Pierre, having picked up the bag, had become part of an intricate puzzle. It was a mosaic predestined to enshroud its every piece in a carefully plotted curse, from which the only escape was death.

Chapter 7
    Giordano decided to that he would leave the Seychelles forever. He pitied himself for having to depart such a marvelous country, but the prospect of ending up in prison wasn't at all attractive.
    The home of Giordano, the specialist in security equipment, was located in the southwest of the capital Victoria, in the settlement of Mont Fleuri. From this hilly place the view was spectacular. To the left, standing in stark contrast to the blue sky, was a massif known as the Three Brothers. To the north one could catch a glimpse of Victoria and the new port. If look straight to the northeast, there was a landing strip that ended at the sea, beyond which were the granite-and-gneiss sister islands of Serf and Sainte Anne. It was eleven at night when Giordano, easing his legs into the pool, cast his saddened eyes toward the lights of the international airport. He didn't want to leave such an excellent place, but it was simply necessary. He was waiting for a telephone call, and in his shirt pocket was the compact disc marked with the letters "A.N.G." It was his security assurance, but of course a great sum of money had been promised for it. He was embarrassed by the fact.

    "They won't keep things simple," he thought. "They want to involve me in their shady venture, but I will work myself. That's one stipulation that'll stay put."
    Giordano followed a certain rule: If you haven't already been hooked, don't stir up the water in the pond. There are many other ponds where nobody knows you.

    He also imagined the finale of a somewhat different scenario: He could be killed while passing off the disc. Promises are generally composed of beautiful words but lack any real basis. Suspecting this to be the case, the Italian had recorded all the office telephone and non-telephone conversations on tape. Having added the copy of the stolen disc, he brought the packet to the cloak-room in the airport. He passed the key to the neighbor chap for a nominal amount. In the case of his death or loss, the neighbor was to take the key to the police station. The telephone rang on the table near the rim of the swimming pool. Giordano pulled his legs back out of the water, sat down in a reed armchair and picked up the phone.
    "I'm listening."

    "Good evening, Mr. Giordano. Do you have the goods?" Kreis' politeness was reminiscent of movie dialogue, where the executioner asks his victim if the noose is too tight.
    "I have," Giordano replied.

    "All right. Fifteen minutes: the turn at the base of the Three Brothers . . . ."
    There was an attempt to finish the conversation, but Giordano was ahead.

    "Come on, Kreis! Don't take me for a fool!"
    "Thank you . . . in advance," said the voice, and the connection ended.

    Moments later, Giordano was ready to go, dressed in trousers and a silky red shirt. There in its hiding place, behind the antique chest of drawers, was his revolver. Giordano brought

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