The Land: Catacombs (Chaos Seeds Book 4)

The Land: Catacombs (Chaos Seeds Book 4) by Aleron Kong Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: The Land: Catacombs (Chaos Seeds Book 4) by Aleron Kong Read Free Book Online
Authors: Aleron Kong
dwarf’s chest swelled up with pride.  “I need to ask something else of you, though.  The hunters need better weapons and armor if they are going to keep going outside of the walls.  Can you make sure they are equipped with what they need?”
    “That will not be a problem, yer lordship.  Do ye want me to wait until we have more soul stones?”
    Richter thought about it for a moment. “No.  In addition to the meat they bring in, they are invaluable as scouts.  Just equip them as fast as you can.  I’m not letting them beyond the walls until you do.  Find them during the feast and set up a time for them to meet with you.  I’m going to send Basil to speak with you about his diplomatic mission with the Serrated Mountain dwarves too.  He is going to need as much information as you can provide.  Actually now that I’m thinking about it, should you go with him?”
    Krom’s face immediately clouded. “I can’t leave now, yer lordship.  I just learned my new enchantment.  I know I’ll learn the other one soon!  I can feel it!”
    Richter raised his hands placatingly. “Okay.  I do think someone should go with him, though.  Preferably two someones.  Are there any dwarves here that you trust to guide Basil’s party and act as a liaison?”
    Krom scratched his beard. “I might know just the dwarves.  Me second cousin and his friend.  They’re young, barely thirty, and still more balls than brains.  They’ve been spoiling to go exploring and wouldn’t mind a bit of an adventure.  It be a good idea for Basil to have a guide.  There are more than dwarf tribes in the mountains.  More than one goblin and orc clan call the mountains their home.”
    Richter nodded grimly.  He would have to increase the number of guards that he sent with Basil.  He felt much better knowing that Krom would pick a good guide for the man.  He thanked the smith and said, “Now I have to go.  I still have a few stops to make before I go hunting.  Keep up the good work.” 
    Richter had turned and started walking away when he heard, “Ahhh, yer lordship.  There was one more thing.”
    Richter was honestly starting to get a bit annoyed.  It was starting to feel like he was being pulled in twenty different directions.  He quelled his aggravation, though, and just turned back with a serene expression. “What do you need, Krom?”
    “It’s about the iron mine, milord.  Some of the dwarves and the human miners have been gradually going deeper.  A few days ago, one reported that he heard some noises coming from lower in the shaft.  Since then, the other miners have been reporting hearing the same type of noises.  They say it sounds like a child laughing.  Well, I told them to toughen up and get back to work, but they will only work the areas closer to the surface now.  The iron veins that close to the entrance were the first that we stripped, though, so iron production be slowing down.  I thought ye might be able to investigate and put their minds at ease.”
    Wait for it, Richter thought.  A notification popped into his view.  There it is!
    You have been offered a Quest: Noises in the Dark I .  Your miners have heard sounds like a child’s laughter in the iron mine.  It is unnerving them and slowing down productivity.  Krom wants you to investigate the mine and ensure that there is no danger.  Reward: Access to the next level of the mine.  Your iron production will resume normal levels.  Yes or No?
    “I’ll take care of it, Krom.” 
    “I knew ye would, yer lordship.”  Some of the other dwarves had stopped in their tasks when the Smith had asked about the iron mine.  Seeing that, Krom’s voice boomed out, “Get back to work, ye lazy slugs!”
    Everyone in the Forge hopped to.  Krom continued his tirade to make sure they kept at it.  Richter took the opportunity to retreat.  As he was leaving, he told Krom to take a look at the weapons and armor he had placed in the armory and to bring it

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