The Last Chamber

The Last Chamber by Ernest Dempsey Read Free Book Online

Book: The Last Chamber by Ernest Dempsey Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ernest Dempsey
wasn’t something he could normally do.   However, travelling so much lately had finally taken its toll.   He yawned and stretched out his
arms.   Apparently, his French
companion had also fallen asleep and was rubbing his face in an attempt to wake
    One of the security team members from the other vehicle opened the
door for Lindsey, and the older man stepped outside into the cool, early
morning.   He gazed up at the sky
for a moment, taking in the view of billions of stars.   He’d heard the desert provided an
amazing panorama of space. But seeing it was a whole other thing.
    “Always darkest before dawn, eh Monsieur?” DeGard also looked up into
the dark canvas above before returning his attention to the matters at
hand.   Nearby, ancient ruins of
some of the earliest temples known to man sat quietly among the rocks and
hills.   The details of the
formations were hard to make out in the darkness, but Degard had seen all of
that before.   What interested him
was something that he doubted many others had taken note of.  
    “Lights over there, if you please,” he ordered the men who were
gathering equipment from the other vehicles.   “Around the base of that rock formation.   Two flood lights outside and then take
the rest inside the cave.” He was in his element, back in the field, where he
    Off to the right, about a hundred feet away, a light breeze played
with a canvas tent.   Just outside
the shelter were several tables and an old Range Rover.  
    “Should we dispose of them?” one of the men asked Lindsey, pointing
with a sub-machine gun in the direction of the excavation camp.  
    “Not yet,” the older man answered.   “They should leave us alone.   Just set up a perimeter in case they wake up and get nosey.”
    The muscular man nodded and trotted away to help the others.  
    Half an hour later, small generators quietly hummed, and the ruin’s
formation began to take shape in the glow of the floodlights.   A rocky hill rose up about sixty feet,
to a sharp point.   A cave entrance
had been adorned with stone sculptures, cut out of the rock face itself.   Time and weather had made it difficult
to tell to which gods the giant beasts paid homage.  
    Lindsey followed DeGard over to the sand-colored stone.   The Frenchman gazed at it with narrowed
eyes.   “It has been a long time
since I have been here,” he said distantly.   “The place has not changed a bit in all these years.   Let us hope the inside is just as equally
    DeGard strolled towards the cave entrance as more lights began to come
on inside.   When they entered, the
two men were greeted with walls painted in pale colors from blue and red to
black and gold highlights.   The
atrium of the cave was a rectangular room, around thirty feet long and fifteen
feet wide.   The place smelled of
stale air and ancient dust.   Any
artifacts that had been discovered there had long been removed.   Fortunately, what DeGard needed was
still there, right where he had remembered it.   He walked slowly to one wall and ran his finger along some
of the hieroglyphics.  
    “These are some of the oldest writings we have ever discovered on the
planet,” he said quietly.   Lindsey
looked on, clearly confused as to what any of the inscriptions meant.   He didn’t need to know.   That was why he had hired DeGard.
    “What are we looking for?” Lindsey asked impatiently.
    “Of course.   You want to
get on with it.   Please forgive me
for taking a moment to appreciate the enormity of where we are standing.   What we are looking for is through
there.”   He pointed a slender
finger towards a door at the other end of the room.   He motioned for a one of the guards to hand over a
flashlight.   DeGard switched on the
beam and led the way through the dark portal.  
    Along the narrow passage were more wall paintings and hieroglyphics,
similar to what they had seen in the first area.   DeGard paid them

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