The Last Christmas

The Last Christmas by Jacqueline Druga Read Free Book Online

Book: The Last Christmas by Jacqueline Druga Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jacqueline Druga
inhaled, “I just want to make sure, the little ones, like Brea, have a future. Thank you.” He leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. “And don’t think I won’t be looking after you.”
    “I appreciate that.”
    I heard my daughter squeal loudly. I recognized her voice.
    “Mommy , look what Santa brought!” Brea yelled. “Mommy!”
    I smiled at Ralph. “I better check in so I can see what Santa brought.”
    “If you need anything …” Ralph said.
    “I’ll find you.”
    I turned to the woman in front of me at the check -in table. “Katherine Morgan.”
    “Issue number?” she asked.
    “Four, seven six, two.”
    “Morgan, 4762, I … you’re here.”
    “Yes, I am,” I said.
    “No, you’re already checked in.”
    I wanted to turn to Ralph and thank him again, but I quickly found out the reason.
    “Kate! Katie!”
    I froze. My eyes shifted to Ralph.
    “Do you know someone here? That’s not Allen ,” Ralph commented.
    “Katie !” he called again.
    “Oh my God.” I spun. I wanted to believe it but thought it was only my imagination, until I saw my husband, Tim, Brea on his hip, racing my way.
    The blurred, red-suited man behind him, the pathetic Christmas tree, were all perfect settings.
    I couldn’t breathe, my heart raced , and more than that, I couldn’t move.
    Tim rushed to me and grabbed hold. “Oh, God .” He squeezed tight. “I was hoping it was you. They said a Katherine Morgan was coming on a rescue plane. One of the men told me. I didn’t want to get my hopes up.” He pulled me closer.
    I embraced him wholeheartedly. I’d introduce him to all those who made it possible for me and Brea to be there, but I had to know. “I thought you were dead.”
    “Yeah, you would.” Tim laid his hand on my cheek. “I got washed down. I saw the car still there, not moving. I knew you were fine. But those waters carried me for miles. I almost drowned. Some people found me and … Well, I was in a military medical camp for a while, then they brought me here two weeks ago. I was hoping you’d be here, because this is where we were supposed to go. But you weren’t. I’m just so glad now.” He kissed Brea and then pressed his lips hard to my cheek. “I’m so glad.”
    “ Me too,” I spoke emotionally, through his embrace.
    Ralph told me it was life that was the gift of Christmas , and he was right.
    For a brief moment, in his arms, my family united, it wasn’t the end of the world. We were really doing more than just surviving, we were living.

The Last Christmas: Last Day on Earth
    At six in the morning, I poured a shot of bourbon, downed it quickly, then poured another to sip. I hadn’t been to sleep in three days. I couldn’t. Who really could?
    The final hours are upon us.
    There’s a lot you reflect on in your life when you know this is it. This is the end. Not just for me but for every single man, woman, and child on the face of the earth.
    The end is ‘nigh’, the end is ‘near’, however you want to say it. It’s over. It’s finished.
    It wasn’t how I envisioned the end of my life, sipping on a drink and watching my last sunrise.
    Doing so alone.
    Of course, I knew I wouldn’ t be alone for long. I hadn’t gotten a peaceful moment except at night.
    When the news broke that , for certain, a rogue planet would enter our solar system, there was a sense of, ‘Yeah right, sure.’
    It was dismissed. Many experts argued diligently about this impending doomsday hoax.
    After all, how many have there been? Predictions of the end that never came?
    But this one, well it was real. It also was the same rogue planet many had been talking about for decades. One year it was a hundred million miles from earth, the next, eighty.
    It grew closer and closer.
    It would enter our solar system, what it did after that was unpredictable.
    Our solar system is a balanced mechanism of orbiting planets all doing what they are supposed to be doing.
    No one was certain what

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