The Left Series (Book 1): Leftovers

The Left Series (Book 1): Leftovers by Christian Fletcher Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: The Left Series (Book 1): Leftovers by Christian Fletcher Read Free Book Online
Authors: Christian Fletcher
Tags: Zombies
side of my face and hair, my eyes were puffy and my face was the color of cold porridge. I washed and scrubbed fast and hard and used a grimy, damp hand towel to wash away what mess I could from my clothes.
    I felt a whole lot better but could have done with a change of clothes. Smith wet his hair and combed it back. I lit a cigarette and leaned with my back to the sinks.
    “I think they are coming this way,” Rosenberg hissed, peering through the crack in the door.
    “Okay, let’s go,” Smith said.
    I pointed towards the fire exit between the two lines of cubicles on the far wall. Smith pushed down the release bar and opened the door. It swung on its hinges and opened about six inches before it struck a solid object on the outside and wouldn’t budge any further.
    “Ah, shit! The fucking doors jammed,” Smith growled through gritted teeth as he put all his weight behind the door and shoved.
    “Hang on,” I took a peek through the crack in the door by the hinges and saw a light green, VW camper van parked in front of the fire exit. I hadn’t thought to check the exit first. Now we were trapped. “Ah, shit. There’s a vehicle blocking the door on the other side.”
    “What are we going to do?” Rosenberg whimpered like a scolded dog.
    “Is there a fire exit in the girl’s bathroom?” Smith asked.
    I thought for a moment. “There was but it got blocked up. They said in summer the door got left open and too many dudes just walked right in from outside. The ladies complained and they bricked the door up.”
    “Whatever happened to fire regulations when you want them?” Smith muttered.
    “We’ll have to go back through the bar and fight our way out,” I suggested. I didn’t see any other option, besides there weren’t too many zombies to contend with and we were all armed.“It shouldn’t be too bad,” I rested a reassuring hand on Rosenberg’s shoulder. Smith snorted in disbelieving indifference.
    My two accomplices nodded in agreement, although I knew Rosenberg was reluctant to confront even a small crowd of zombies. We met the first walking corpse in the corridor, hanging around the door of the female bathroom. The creature was the remains of a male biker type with long hair in a ponytail and a sleeveless denim jacket. Smith cracked the zombie around the head with the baseball bat, producing a satisfying, hollow ‘clang.’
    “I hate men with fucking ponytails,” Smith spat, pounding the biker’s head.
    Two more zombies, who were once females, lurched down the corridor towards us. I noticed Rosenberg hung back a little but he sprung forward and took out the girl on the right with a series of swift blows with his wooden club. I finished the other one off with my trusty golf club.
    “See, I told you it wouldn’t be too bad,” I said to Rosenberg, opening the glass paneled doors into the bar. I immediately wished I’d looked through those glass panes before opening the door. Around a hundred zombies shuffled around the bar interior and more were pouring through the shattered front doors. Some had been bikers, punks with leather jackets and Mohican hairstyles or skinheads and every low life that had frequented Buddy’s Bar in their former lives.
    “Ah,” was the only coherent sound that came from my mouth. A quick escape through the front door or windows was now out of the question.
    “I don’t suppose you’ve got any other wise ass exit strategies up your sleeve?” Smith muttered.
    I had to think quickly. The throng of zombies noticed us and began their slow, lumbering advance. The route to the stairway rooms was still reasonably clear.
    “There’s a fire escape upstairs that leads to the back of the building,” I hissed.
    We ran through the bar knocking down a few oncoming zombies with our weapons. The crowd of undead massed in the bar about fifteen yards from the wooden, double doors leading to the stairway. I pushed on the handle and discovered the doors were locked from the other

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