The Life of Anna, Part 2: Entwined

The Life of Anna, Part 2: Entwined by Marissa Honeycutt Read Free Book Online

Book: The Life of Anna, Part 2: Entwined by Marissa Honeycutt Read Free Book Online
Authors: Marissa Honeycutt
Anna, being a cruel master to her might backfire, especially with Alex around. She clearly wasn’t mindless this morning and she looked at him in absolute terror. If he wanted her to be the effective tool he needed, she needed to trust and love him. Otherwise, she'd be acting out of fear and wouldn't be as persuasive. She needed to believe in him.
    Fuck, this was exactly why he had performed the ritual in the first place. So he didn’t have to worry about all that shit.
    He took a deep breath to calm himself. “No. I suppose not. I didn't sleep well last night.” He petted Anna's hair again, gently this time, and he felt her begin to relax.
    “That can happen when events progress in unexpected ways,” Alex commented, raising his brows, his eyes glinting with amusement.
    “Yes. My evening certainly didn't go the way I expected it to.” Fucking arrogant bastard . “I suppose we need to discuss our unexpected situation, then. Don’t we?”
    “I agree,” Alex said. “I want her to live outside the Manor. In an apartment downtown. I will gladly pay her living expenses.”
    Straight to the point. Devin could respect that. The sooner they were done with negotiations, the sooner he could fuck Anna and see how she would react to him.
    He considered Alex’s request. Anna living downtown had its appeal. Yes, there was a risk in her living alone, but the GPS tracker in her necklace would ensure he knew where she was at all times. She wasn’t stupid enough to go out without it again, not after her afternoon with the Russians. She certainly learned the consequences of going out without her necklace.
    But did Devin want Alex paying for everything? The idea made him uneasy.
    “Do you have a place in mind?” Devin asked, curious.
    “I do. There’s a two-bedroom apartment in the Sapphire that is being held for her.”
    Anna looked up, subtly. Apparently, she hadn’t been informed of this.
    Devin narrowed his eyes. How was it possible that he had an apartment for Anna already? Unless.... “You knew something was going to happen last night?”
    Alex nodded and Devin’s jaw clenched. How had he known? Who could have told him? He glared at Alex. “How?”
    Alex only arched an eyebrow and looked amused.
    Fucking bastard!
    He knew the building that Alex was talking about. It had a good reputation and the location couldn’t be better; only a few blocks from his office. It would be more convenient for him to visit Anna there rather than driving all the way out to the Manor. He could send men over to fuck her, or do whatever to her. Yes, this is good...even if it comes from him.
    His cock twitched at the thought of being with Anna on a regular basis. Maybe he would have her come over to his house occasionally, too. That would drive Sandy crazy, seeing him with a beautiful twenty-year-old. He smiled at the vision of his wife's hurt face as he fondled Anna in front of her. It would serve her right for getting knocked up by her lover. Maybe he'd even make Sandy watch as he fucked Anna hard in their own home. That thought cheered him and he decided he would act upon it on Wednesday after the banquet.
    “Agreed. But I want to pay half of her expenses. After all, I’m her Master too.”
    A hint of a smile appeared on Alex’s face. “I can afford it far better than you can.”
    “You mean your family can.”
    Alex shrugged. “There are benefits to belonging to one of the wealthiest families in the world.”
    Devin’s eyes narrowed. Was that a slam on his own personal finances? “I can afford my share.” He could. Easily.
    “All right,” Alex said after a pause. “I want her to have her own car and credit cards.”
    “Fine. I will notify the bank on Monday.”
    “I have her car for her already.”
    “Really? What kind of car do you think she should have?” Alex really had been prepared for all of this. Devin didn’t like that idea one bit.
    “A Mercedes, of course.”
    Of course he would pick a German car. “Fine.”

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