The Lord of the Clans

The Lord of the Clans by Chris Lange Read Free Book Online

Book: The Lord of the Clans by Chris Lange Read Free Book Online
Authors: Chris Lange
duplicitous? Why were he and his people so quick to presume her a deceptive person? What did she do to raise their suspicions? He stared at her, and she drew in a silent breath.
    “My lord, if my actions indicated treachery of any kind, I apologise. Lying isn’t a habit of mine, and I pray you will see the truth of my words. My shaman once told me I was born with the gift of healing. I trust his judgement. I only hope you can also place your confidence in him.”
    She delivered her humble speech in a soft voice. Obviously puzzled by her conviction, he creased his brow.
    “I’m not accusing you, Ariana, but I am a sceptical man and I don’t accept intriguing acts or behaviours at face value. Would you deprive me of my right to question mysterious happenstances?”
    “I’d never entertain so preposterous a notion. I am but your loyal subject and my life is yours to command.”
    The hint of a mischievous grin brushed the scar on his cheek when she spoke with such solemnity.
    His dominating gaze felt too heavy to sustain as he towered over her, and she dropped her eyes. But in spite of the fact that she looked at his boots, she couldn’t escape his voice.
    “In that case, there’s something you will do for me.”
    “Anything, my lord.”
    She instantly regretted her burst of allegiance. Her skin prickled with edginess as he closed the small gap separating them. How did she manage to always rouse the tension lurking between them? In need of air, she drew in a breath when he raised his hand to tuck a stray of hair behind her ear.
    “Anything? Honestly?”
    Snared in a trap of her own making, she just stared at the wide shoulders shutting off her line of vision. Her insides throbbed as he followed the line of her jaw with the ball of his thumb.
    Her lungs burned from deprivation, causing her to inhale sharply when he broke contact and moved away from her to settle down on the biggest armchair of the room. Looking pleased with himself, he stretched his long legs in front of him, and crossed his hands over his stomach.
    “Call me Cameron.”
    She hadn’t been brought up that way, and the mere idea of calling him by his first name rattled her foundations. The tribe people revered their lord. He represented the power they lived by, above kings and queens.
    His unexpected request startled her, but although unsure she should fulfil his requirement, she nodded.
    “As you wish, and thank you for asking Coreen to be my guide to Frahern. My aunt’s village is far away. I don’t think I can find it by myself.”
    “It’s the least I can do considering that you saved me from becoming a one-legged cripple. I don’t want you going all the way to the border of Agravar without any protection.”
    He moved his leg up and down while he watched the workings of his perfect limb with a twinkle in his eyes.
    “Coreen brought you to this town at my request because I happen to have a small business to take care of here. Quite a coincidence, isn’t it? But she isn’t your guide to Frahern. I am.”
    Days and nights alone with him. Mornings, afternoons, and evenings in his sole company.
    She had just wasted half a day convincing herself she meant nothing to him because he didn’t even have the decency to say goodbye. She also believed she’d never see him again.
    Yet, there he sat, proud as a king, and offering her the protection of the Lord of the Clans himself throughout a perilous journey. Her heart burst with joy, and she wished for the right expression to convey her gratefulness, but words eluded her. He tilted his head.
    “You may thank me, Ariana.”
    Yes, she knew that. She would, as soon as the knot in her throat loosened and her brain ceased running in the ethers.
    “Thank you, my lord.”
    “Didn’t I ask you to call me Cameron?”
    He did. For the love of the Creators, she really needed to make an effort to control her emotions better than a five-year-old child. By the way, what was she so happy about?
    Although his

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