The Millionaire Myth

The Millionaire Myth by Jennifer Taylor Read Free Book Online

Book: The Millionaire Myth by Jennifer Taylor Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jennifer Taylor
a friend, and I don't want him talking you into a home that isn't right for you.”
                  Finally getting her voice back, Gina interjected, “You know what?  We've got to get back to the office, I've got an appointment at one.” She flagged down the waiter and gave him her credit card. He must have been used to the women and their busy schedule, because he was back with the receipt in no time.
                  Tess got out of the booth quickly, mainly because Gina was prodding her in the side.  After glaring at Gina, Tess smiled at me.  “Let's get together later, okay?”
                  I shrugged. “Okay, sure. Maybe we can talk more later.”
                  Tess urged, “Absolutely.  You've made the right choice, Estelle.”
                  Walking back into the office, I wasn't even able to make it to my desk before Slick descended upon me.  “Hey, Estelle.  I came by to see if you were hungry...” His voice trailed off as he watched Gina and a gloating Tess walk in after me.
                  Tess smirked at Slick as she answered for me, “Not to worry, Mick.”  She put her arm around my shoulders, which made me hugely uncomfortable.  “I took good care of Estelle, we had a fantastic time at lunch.”
                  I smiled at them both and moved away from Tess as smoothly and quickly as I could.  I knew there was about to be a showdown, and I wanted a good view.  I grabbed my coffee mug and headed toward the back room.  Once out of sight, I leaned against the wall and pretended to drink my coffee.  From my vantage point, I could just see the three of them.
                  Gina apparently didn't want a front row seat like I did, because she quickly excused herself and rushed down the hall.  I watched her impossibly tiny waist disappear into her office and wondered why she wasn't interested in the commission tug-of-war.  Maybe she was pretending to be sensitive to my feelings, hoping the other two sharks would kill each other in the water?  Crafty.
                  My thoughts were disrupted when I heard Tess lecture, “Mick, Mick, really shouldn't underestimate the bond between women.”  Pulling her cell from her purse, she read a text while rattling on, “We really are the more sensitive gender.  I know you like to think you've got a knack for pleasing the ladies.”  Her eyes moved from the cell phone and ran slowly up his body.  “And perhaps, in some ways, you do.  But sweetie, we're talking about entire homes here, not just bedrooms.”
                  Slick leaned in and hissed, “Tess I swear to God, you'd better stay the hell away from her.  We both know that I've been working on her for weeks!”  I saw Tess shrug and smile while Slick fumed.  He leaned in closer and threatened, “You think you've got the upper hand, but we both know I can bury you any time I choose.”
                  Tess's back stiffened and her grin vanished.  “Mick, take it easy, I'm just trying to make a living, same as you.  It's not personal.”
                  It was Slick's turn to grin.  “Well, if you don't want it to get personal, you better stay the hell out of my way.”  He started to walk away, but turned back.  “You're a sharp girl, Tess.  For the most part.  Use that pretty little head of yours from now on, okay?  We both know there are some things that are more important than money.”
                  Seeing Slick head my direction, I hustled around the corner, seemingly oblivious to their confrontation.  He was so intimidating with Tess that I wasn't able to make eye contact.  I sat down at my desk and turned on my computer.
                  Slick watched me sit down, then came up and perched on the corner of my desk.  “Hey, Estelle?  I was wondering if you might be up for checking

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