The Naked Truth About Love

The Naked Truth About Love by Brenda Stokes Lee Read Free Book Online

Book: The Naked Truth About Love by Brenda Stokes Lee Read Free Book Online
Authors: Brenda Stokes Lee
what he saw when he enter that bedroom. EJ was standing in front of a full length mirror admiring her image. She looked like a fantasy dream come true. Wearing a blue cotton candy colored two piece, lace camisole and thong which accented her eyes and her smooth bronze skin. Her legs were long and thick and ended at a perfect round ass that made his mouth water.
    Instantly, Paul’s dick began to rapidly expand and strain the fabric of his jeans like the Incredible Hulk. Carefully setting the wine and glasses down on her dresser he quickly loosened his shirt to hide the Lochness Monster lurking in his jeans.  Walking up slowly behind her he gingerly encircled her waist with his strong arms. Kissing her softly on the neck he rocked her slowly in his arms to an imaginary song that played in their heads.
    EJ hugged his arms and swayed to the make-believe music as she watched their image in the mirror. God she loved how good they looked together and how good it felt to be in his arms. This moment was perfect. She wanted him and she did not care if he split her in half with that big dick that was now poking her in her ass.
    As the music in his head played out and EJ relaxed in his arms Paul took the liberty to ask EJ a few simple but uncomfortable questions.
    “ Are you on birth control?” He asked as he softly kissed the soft skin on her shoulder.
    “ No, not yet.” She answered in a small voice.
    “ Don’t worry… I have some condoms. We should be okay.”
    “ No condoms, I’m allergic to latex.” She shook her head no. “Besides, I want to feel you… at least for my first time.”
    “ EJ, you can’t be serious? I’m not ready to be a father. No! We have to have some kind of protection. Do you have any non latex condoms?” Paul asked as he abruptly turned her to face him.
    “ Paul, why would I have condoms?”
    “ To protect yourself... If you are allergic to latex you should have a stash of non latex condoms just in case.” 
    “ Just in case what? I’m sorry, but I didn’t see this happening, especially not tonight. And even if I did have condoms I highly doubt that they’d ever fit that thing in your pants. What the hell is that anyway? Dam! Could you be any bigger?” She quickly started to meltdown.
    “ Okay… Okay… It’s alright. I’ll just make a quick drug store run. Calm down, it’s okay.” Paul tried to comfort her as he pulled her close.
    “ What? No… I’m not letting you leave here. Didn’t you see the movie Bootie Call? We don’t need them. Look I trust you. I know that you’ve been with other women, but I trust you. Please just tell me that you don’t have any communicable diseases. I know that you’re careful, but I just need to hear it.” EJ pleaded.
    Paul sighed, “EJ, listen to me… I don’t screw anybody without a glove, absolutely nobody. I’ve never had sex without a condom. I swear that I don’t have any communicable diseases. I just had a complete physical for football and I am as healthy as a thoroughbred, that’s not our problem.”
    “ What’s the problem then?”
    “ The problem is that we are too young to raise a child. I’m about to go to the NFL to play professional ball and you’re going to grad school next year. EJ, we can’t afford for you to get pregnant. Honestly, I’m just not ready for that type of responsibility. You can understand that right?”
    “ Paul I’m not ready for a child either. What do you think I’m trying to trap you or something?”
    “ Come on EJ… I never said that! That thought never even entered my mind. If it happened I know it wouldn’t have been intentional. Still, we just can’t take that risk at this point in our lives. We both have too much to lose. Now, I’m sorry, but either I make a run to the store or I’m gonna have to ask for a rain check.”
    “ Ok look, I’m on a twenty eight day cycle. In fact I can set a clock by my cycle it’s so regular. A woman can only get pregnant during a max of six days

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