The Nanny

The Nanny by Vera Roberts Read Free Book Online

Book: The Nanny by Vera Roberts Read Free Book Online
Authors: Vera Roberts
Tags: Romance, Contemporary
Kieran brings her over while you’re at work?” Erin prodded.
    Tiana swallowed the lump in her throat. She thought she felt something for Kieran the other day but was convinced it was just the weather change. “Well, I told Kieran he could only have visitors at the guest house.”
    “And what if Tyson is not being properly cared for because Kieran is mesmerized with fake titties in his face all day long?”
    “ All day long,” Rocio added.
    Tiana felt a swell of jealousy. Her breathing became constricted. “Fuh…fuh…forget it!”
    “Damn!” Erin snapped her fingers. “Almost got her to say fuck !”
    “Next time, though,” Rocio patted Erin’s shoulder. “Next time.”
    “Besides, Kieran would never blatant disrespect me like that! He would never do anything so rude, so vile, so…” Tiana’s eyes widened as she caught a glimpse of the sight before her.
    Erin and Rocio looked over to see what stopped Tiana’s soliloquy. They both smiled at the impending drama. “Oh, it’s about to be on!” Rocio smiled.
    Kieran and Denise walked out of the home together. Denise was holding Tyson while Kieran carried the diaper bag. Denise gave Tyson to Chad while Kieran set down the diaper bag. She then grabbed Kieran’s hand and walked him over to an empty spot by the DJ booth and began dancing.
    As they seductively danced, Kieran placed a firm hand on the small of Denise’s back as their legs intertwined and their bodies ground against each other. Denise’s hands held onto Kieran’s muscular arms and her eyes were closed. She was mouthing something, Tiana figured. It was something wrong. It was something naughty.
    Denise was mouthing, fuck me, Kieran.
    Tiana’s eyes widened. She gulped some more of her vodka lemonade. Jealousy sliced through her body like a knife. “Who does that hussy think she is? Flirting with my nanny? And holding my baby? I’ll show her!” Tiana took another swig of lemonade.
    Erin poured some more vodka in Tiana’s glass. “Do it, girl!”
    Rocio removed Tiana’s hoop earrings. “Kick her ass, girl!”
    Tiana finished the last of her drink. “I’m going to!” She marched over to Kieran.

    Rocio and Erin watched the impending drama from the sidelines. “You think she’s going to do it?” Rocio asked.
    Erin shook her head. “Not a chance.”

“Excuse me!” Tiana said in a tone that was just short of yelling. “Can I interrupt this dance?”
    Just when Denise was about to tell Tiana where to go with the horse she rode on, Kieran interrupted her. “Sure, Tiana. Excuse me, Denise,” Kieran offered a hand to Tiana, who took it and gave a smarmy smile to Denise.
    The hypnotic beat of Patra’s “Worker Man” blared through the speakers. Tiana swayed her hips to the beat, closing her eyes and caressing her skin as she felt the rhythm take over her mind. She felt Kieran’s hands on hips and they moved together in unison, dancing together as one. She felt his breath on her neck and pushed more into him, wanting to get closer and closer to him.
    Tiana turned around and locked eyes with Kieran. It was as if they were the only ones at the BBQ. All she heard was the music and the pounding of her heartbeat. All she smelled was his cologne with notes of musk, earth, and wood, intoxicating her nose. All she felt were his eyes drinking her in, his sporadic breath fighting to keep steady, and his strong hands wrapped around her body, daring to go lower but holding steady at the small of her back.
    I want you, Tiana. I want you. Tiana hoped Kieran’s eyes were sending the signs she desperately wanted read.
    It’s yours for the taking, Tiana’s eyes spoke back to him.
    They inched closer to each other’s face, their lips touching but not kissing. They were so close, so close and…
    “Oops, my bad!” Chad waved. “Sorry about that.”
    Tiana and Kieran glared at the man. He somehow bumped into the DJ booth and scratched the record, sending them both crashing back down to a

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