The Nightlife: Las Vegas (The Nightlife Series)

The Nightlife: Las Vegas (The Nightlife Series) by Travis Luedke Read Free Book Online

Book: The Nightlife: Las Vegas (The Nightlife Series) by Travis Luedke Read Free Book Online
Authors: Travis Luedke
looked her
directly in the eyes.
    “I know how I look.  Everyone tells me how beautiful I am. 
I just don’t think I could ever be a model.”
    He and Michelle followed her lead and undressed casually,
adding to the pile of garments on the floor.
    “You two should be models.”
    Ana couldn’t resist touching their beautiful pale bodies. 
She stroked Michelle’s golden hair and then ran her fingers over Aaron’s
shoulders.  They responded in kind, testing her body with slight caresses. 
Michelle slid around behind, aligning her curves to Ana, feeling her up and
    “You like this?”  She purred in Ana’s ear.  “I know you like
    Ana shivered with Michelle’s soft experienced hands flowing
over the very tips of her nipples.
    He kissed his new pet, one hand sliding around to grasp her
ass and the other slipping down to test her wetness.
    “Mmm, that’s nice.”  She melted around his two fingers,
yielding wet and warm as he entered her.  Michelle flicked her nipples
playfully while Aaron stroked her in and out, slow and steady.  Ana leaned back
into Michelle, burying her nose in all those sweet golden curls.
    “You smell yummy.”
    Michelle brushed along Ana’s inner arms and the outer curves
of her breasts, teasing, tickling, feather soft.  He caught the twinge of pain
from Ana’s mind when Michelle’s hand brushed across a makeup covered bruise.
    We’ll talk about that later .
    He kissed her cleverly hidden bruise.  “All better now?”
    Her eyes flashed with surprise and then a smile.  “This will
make it better.”
    She took him in hand, feeling how solid his erection had
become.  She worked him, stroking his velvety hardness while she cupped his
balls.  She could hardly wait to taste him, take him inside her in every way
possible.  She revised her previous opinion––not a small man at all, not
between the legs.  She relished the wonderful hurt he could give her with his
size and strength.
    “I think she wants you first.  How you say, a warm-up?” 
Michelle purred over Ana’s shoulder, her hands roaming freely across her
breasts.  She tagged him through their bond, “ Is better with her first.  Don’t
test your control.”
    “I will be careful love, don’t worry.”  He
tagged her back.
    Ana tugged on his cock, leading him.  “This way.”  She
grabbed Michelle’s hand and led her two lovers to the bed.  “I need you both. 
I want you both.  Take me, all of me.”
    They flowed into bed with their pet, a writhing tangle of
slipping sliding limbs; rubbing, stroking and pleasuring each other.
    This is so effin cool.  He reveled in the moment, in
bed with two of the most beautiful women he’d ever known.  Both women loved him
in their own way, lavishing their affections on him simultaneously, without
jealousy or reservation.   This will never grow old .
    Flowing through both women’s minds, he enjoyed Ana’s
reactions.  She truly wanted them both together, fiercely attracted to their
aggressive predatory natures.  She couldn’t keep her hands off either of them. 
She saw Michelle as a singularly unique creature, whose sensuality transcended
barriers of gender.  Ana had known intimacy with a woman before, but thought it
a fluke.  Women didn’t really interest her that way.  Michelle became the
    “ Quelle
belle vue ! ”  What a beautiful view .  “I want you here.”  Michelle
pulled Ana onto her, arms and thighs open in invitation.
    Ana kissed her passionately, tongue, lips and teeth, giving
all of herself.  She did some exploring of her own, her fingers finding
Michelle’s warm wet entry.
    She whispered up against Michelle.  “I’ve never made love to
a woman so beautiful.  I want to see your eyes when I make you come.”
    He slid up behind Ana, wetting his fingers inside her to
test her readiness.  He found her soft, hot, and moist.  Ana reached down to
help guide him in as she kissed Michelle hot and heavy.

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