The Queen's Consorts

The Queen's Consorts by Kele Moon Read Free Book Online

Book: The Queen's Consorts by Kele Moon Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kele Moon
owns my body. She even owns my will, but my heart is yours.”
    “Don’t tell anyone that,” Calder whispered, the emotion and desperation thick in his voice as he crawled over Taryen. When they were face-to-face, Calder stroked his dark hair away from his forehead with reverence. “Promise me.”
    Taryen’s fingers threaded into Calder’s hair in response, and it took very little effort to tug him down until they were sharing the same air. He captured Calder’s lips, their tongues brushing erotically, giving Sari another glimpse of gold sparkling in the candlelight. Their tongues were pierced also, and neither seemed to mind the brush of metal as Taryen wrapped his legs around Calder’s hips, the two of them moving together in an erotic prequel to mating.
    It was impossible to watch such a display of unabashed love and desire and not be affected. Since the first onslaught of puberty Sari had assumed she was one of those rare females born without hormones. Despite spending so much time surrounded by it, she had never once had a desire for sex or felt compelled by anything erotic until she had fallen into the laps of these two beautiful consorts. Now she was suddenly burning up with need. It felt like she was making up for a lifetime of disinterest as she watched their tongues brush and their naked bodies strain against each other. She couldn’t even find it in herself to be ashamed of watching such a touching, private display. The throb of repressed desire left her shamefully wet and aching. She had to use more strength than she knew she had not to reach beneath the sheet and rub herself. She was desperate for relief from the pulse driving her toward a strange sort of insanity that had her wanting to reach out to them.
    “I need oil.”
    Calder took a quivering breath. He tried to pull away from Taryen, who was all limbs. Taryen’s fingers tightened in Calder’s blond hair. His hips jerked up as his ankles hooked together at the small of Calder’s back. Obviously giving up on freedom from his lifemate, Calder started reaching blindly toward the bed. His hand ran over the floor until the clank of a bowl rolling over the wood was heard. His hand dipped into it— a generous amount of the semisolid, opaque grease dripping off his fingers when he pulled away.
    “Got it. Hold on.”
    Calder’s head tossed back as he stroked the length of his own cock, greasing it liberally. When he looked back to Taryen, his light eyes were almost predatory in the near darkness. He released his cock only to run his hand over Taryen’s chest, smearing the remaining oil over it.
    “I like you slick.” Calder smiled as he continued to rub the thick oil onto Taryen’s chest. “You’re shiny.”
    “You are in a strange mood tonight.” Taryen laughed at him as he also dipped his fingers into the bowl and grabbed a handful of the grease. He reached up to run his hand down Calder’s chest, oiling it up to match his as he hummed thoughtfully, “You’re playful. I like it very much. The sadness has left your eyes.”
    “It’s because I have you beneath me.” Calder wrinkled his nose as if guilty. “I’m a carnal beast, easily swayed to contentment by a handsome face and a tight ass.”
    “Bad, bad, Calder.” Taryen laughed once more. “You’ll be punished for being crude like a commoner.”
    “I can be cruder.” Calder leaned into Taryen and whispered in his ear, “I can tell you how much I crave fucking you. When I’m high on the herb and caring for those greedy wenches, all I think of is you, of taking you hard, claiming you, biting you, and marking you.”
    “That’s bad.” Taryen’s eyes were dazed as he looked up at him, the lust heavy in his voice. “You shouldn’t say such things, even in secret with the queen’s language.”
    “The last time they made me jerk off for the assembly as punishment for my lack of humility,” Calder went on, his smile devious as if he hadn’t just admitted to shocking abuse

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