The Rescuer

The Rescuer by Dee Henderson Read Free Book Online

Book: The Rescuer by Dee Henderson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Dee Henderson
the clock too. You could wander down that way"
    "Meghan once told me she paces and prays-the harder she's pacing, the harder she prays. There's no need to interrupt. At this
    43 V
    the rescuer 43
    point I'd even rub a rabbit's foot if I thought it might help." He wasn't one to place much faith in a God who supposedly control ed things. From what he could see, life was hardly being control ed. But he wasn't going to tel Meghan her faith wasn't important. To her it was.
    "Accidents happen."
    "Yes." Stephen flipped the checker and caught it on the way down. Eagle she gets better. He looked at the image. An eagle. He turned over the disk. He'd carved two eagles in this one. He slipped it in his pocket and got to his feet. "I'm going to go say hi to Tracy for a minute." He'd carved the piece for her.
    45 Three
    Meghan walked out of the hospital shortly before eleven, shivering at the wind gusts. She slipped on her lavender windbreaker as she hurried across the parking lot to her white jeep. She didn't carry a purse and her cash and keys were in her jeans pockets.
    Tracy's mom was final y in the recovery room.
    She saw Stephens car stil in the lot-she shouldn't have wished his date with Paula would fal through. He needed the distraction of a date tonight. She hesitated.

    Should she go find him? No. He knew where she was al evening if he wanted to talk.
    She unlocked her jeep and used the towel from the passenger seat to dry her face. The rain was easing up, but it would stil be an interesting trip. She headed to the highway.
    She had the drive perfected so that she could listen to two audio books, stop at the truck stop on Route 39 for her midpoint fil -up, and in four hours be pul ing into her parents' driveway.
    Meghan drummed her hand on the wheel as she crept along at twenty miles per hour. What construction was snarling traffic this time? Getting out of Chicago was the longest part of the drive. She final y spotted an exit ramp and got off the highway Even if the back roads added thirty miles to her trip, at least she would be going somewhere rather than sitting. She could cut through the forest preserve and over to the old two-lane county

    road that fol owed the railroad tracks across the state.
    It would eventual y take her directly into Silverton.
    The tal oak trees in the forest preserve were casting strange shadows across the hood of Craig's car as he sat in the public parking lot. It was posted as closed after six o'clock but fiad no gate or security to enforce the curfew. Craig studied the clock on the dashboard and listened to the rain on the roof. He had a little cocaine left, just enough for one more lift. He calculated the time and forced himself to seal up the drugs. He couldn't get too high before his meeting, or Jonathan would notice and not go through with the exchange.
    Helping steal jewelry was the easiest money he'd ever made, and he didn't want Jonathan to know what he was spending his extra income on. He was the courier, that was al , but it was steady income and someday...
    He had plans. Someday he would walk away with a few stones from what he transported and make himself a fortune.
    Craig reached over and opened his briefcase then lifted the lid on the box inside. The jewels glittered even in the dim interior light. He ran his fingers across the stones. They were the fake ones, but he would have the real ones soon. And when he delivered them to Neil tonight, he would have enough money to party for a ful month.
    He closed the briefcase and looked up at the flash of lightning. He jolted as eyes looked back at him from outside. A deer. Craig giggled. He raised his hand to cover his mouth. It wouldn't do to show that giggle tonight; no, it real y wouldn't do to show that. Getting high was his secret.
    Oh, life is good.
    He worked at his old man's general store and pharmacy during the week, and while his father inventoried the pharmacy
    drugs each week, suspecting something but never able to

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