The Right One

The Right One by R.M. Alexander Read Free Book Online

Book: The Right One by R.M. Alexander Read Free Book Online
Authors: R.M. Alexander
think. And I know you won’t give him an inch.”
    She gave Alex a half-cocked grin. “Thanks for the faith in me.” She swallowed hard. Talk about charming smiles, Alex overshadowed Paul in laps. What am I thinking ?
    Time to change the subject. “How’s things coming along?”
    “The guys are making real progress.” He took Tradewind’s reins. “Nearly stretched out to the far pasture, and they’re packing up for the evening. Tomorrow we’ll wrap up on those enclosures, or at least, get close. How about yourself? Getting closer to being ready for the cats?”
    “Closer, but still a long ways to go. So many things to get in order.”
    Alex nodded and put an arm around her shoulder as they turned and strolled towards the stables, horses walking behind them. “Let me know if you need anything, okay?”
    “I always do. Sometimes I think you make it too easy for me.”
    Alex pulled Cami tight into a single–armed hug. “No such thing. That’s what friends do. Here, I’ll take Nugget for you.”
    She handed over the reins and rubbed the mare’s nose. “Then I think you’ve been a better friend to me than I’ve been to you.”
    He laughed and shook his head. “Night, Cam. I’ll be back at first light, get going with those enclosures. We’ll have those completed by the end of the week, easy, and I’m pushing the guys to have ‘em completed before that.”
    She nodded. “Thanks Alex. Couldn’t do this without you.”
    Alex tapped her hat. “I know.” She giggled. “See you tomorrow.” He turned, glancing over a shoulder, horses in tow.
    She nodded, waved, and headed for the house.

    Chapter Six
    Cami sat at the weathered desk, stretched her neck and sipped from the bottled water. A lot of work had been completed in a short week, much more to go. Lists of suppliers for fresh meat and nutritional supplements strewn across the handwriting engraved into the old oak, along with resumes for guards and volunteers. The vet, Jessica, and an assistant, Alyssa, were both confirmed to arrive in three weeks. At least one item off the to-do list. She rubbed the bridge of her nose. Classes in people management and animal care were much different than real life.
    She nudged the mouse with a small finger, the screen in front of her illuminating the inbox. One new message, from a sender she didn’t recognize. With head tilted to the side, Cami clicked email open, read with widening eyes.
    Brows furrowed, she reread the strange words.
    “ We’ll burn it to the ground .”
    She stood, paced in a wide circle and returned to the desk, reading the words once more without sitting down. Didn’t make sense. Chewing on a thumbnail, she considered for a moment, then clicked the delete button. Junk mail. Trying to scare her out of opening the sanctuary. Probably some animal activist who didn’t understand what she was trying to do. Going to do. No one was going to scare her off.
    Hands on hips, Cami stared at the black screen, mind reeling. Resistance was expected, but she thought the town meeting had been enough to put an end to it. Something like this, an open threat, seemed extreme.
    “Well, nice try. I don’t scare off easily, and you’re not going to stop me from doing what I’m meant to do.” With a huff, she turned and strode out of the office, doorbell ringing on cue as she closed the office door.
    She let Liz in and plopped into the couch, legs curled beneath her, shoulders slumped.
    “What’s wrong?” Liz asked as she eased into the armchair.
    “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”
    “With you? I’d believe about anything.”
    Cami let out a short giggle, smile quickly fading. “Got a threatening email. Can you believe that one?”
    Liz eased forward, elbows resting on her knees. “Threatening how?”
    “Stupid really. But overt enough. Said they would burn it down.”
    Liz’s eyes grew wide. “The sanctuary?” Cami nodded. “What’d you do with

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