The Rise of my Chic
Chapter 2
    The distress signals of fire contingent and
ambulances were coming through a thick fog of amnesia. Jack was
lost. He tried to get up, holding up to whatever came in his hand.
Feeling like a dead log, he sensed himself hovering in a nectar
kind of sinuous runny juice, which was gushing through his
    “Wake up Jack,” an affable tone of voice said,
echoing multiple times inside his mind, before dwindling into
    Then it came again, the bell of his
    He wasn’t quite sure as to whether it was real
or his own phantasm.
    SWAT team had been deployed and they were
searching the whole college campus for every suspicious
    “We got to get out of here,” said the beautiful
    “I am Jack,” he extended his hand.
    “You are bleeding, let me stitch you up. She
tore a fabric from her skirt and tied it on his head. I am
    “Veronica. What is happening aren’t we suppose
to run back to the campus.” Jack couldn’t get his eyes off
veronica- his dream girl.
    A sharp answer made him feel good. Even he
didn’t want to go back. When God had offered him a moment of
lifetime, to spend time with this beautiful girl in this bushy
thick forest, he could obviously extend that period to may be few
more hours.
    Plus girls are generally afraid of dark bushy
woods. He could play a good escort and win her heart by protecting
    “The sky seems bright.” Veronica was
    “Yes, Those SWAT teams can watch from there
    Veronica seemed to think.
    Then suddenly, like a bolt of lightning heavy
black clouds started surrounding the sky above them.
    They were caught in a sudden downpour of
hailstorms. There was deserted cabin in the forest. Both of them
took shelter in it. The hails were a bit too fierce. Some part of
the roof was even being punctured.
    “They don’t look like normal hail.”
    Jack went closer and looked at one bob that was
fuming. He touched it.
    “They are hot.” He turned to Veronica, she
seemed terrified to hell.
    “When do you think the storm will stop?” she
    Jack frowned. “I don’t think this is a real
storm. Hailstorms are never hot.”
    “Are they meteorites?” asked Veronica trying to
control her shiver.
    “Doesn’t seem like them. The pieces are too
small. Rocks of this size will burn in the atmosphere. They won’t
reach us. This I think is something else.”
    Veronica now looked completely shaken. “What do
you mean by something else?”
    “I have read in our divinity section that there
are certain powers considered to be…” Jack stammered.
    “Paranormal?” Veronica was now wide
    “Yes. Paranormal, that could cause such
weather. Some creatures were cursed to not be born as mortal
beings. They had to live in this world amongst us, but had powers
beyond us. They were considered to come from hell.
    “Hell? Really do you believe that.”
    “Not completely, yet I don’t completely
disregard that. But generally these creatures don’t harm humans
unless we cross their path. These specific hot hails are like
defense mechanism for them. These hails are not that deadly. It
appears as though some supernatural entity wants to hide from
something.” Saying this he saw Veronica.
    She nodded and looked around. The hails had
    “I think it will be better if we go back,” said
    “Yes. We better do,” saying this Veronica got
up and when she kept a few steps when the roof above her started to
    There was only one instant and Jack had to make
a decision.
    They both locked eyes and both of them knew.
Only one would live.
    He jumped and blanked her with his body. The
wooden splinters of the broken roof came crashing down on him. He
fell on her, his mouth bleeding.
    “I love you Veronica,” he said and everything
went blank.

Chapter 3
    Blur. That’s what Jack could see.
    Where the hell am I, he
    His head was heavily wrapped in cloth and his
neck was bundled with some

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