The Sapphire Gun

The Sapphire Gun by J. R. Roberts Read Free Book Online

Book: The Sapphire Gun by J. R. Roberts Read Free Book Online
Authors: J. R. Roberts
recover, Franco steered his horse away from both of them and got the animal moving at a full gallop.
    Clint wasn’t able to spot Franco right away. His arm moved to keep the modified Colt aiming at whatever he could see. As his eyes snapped back and forth for a hint of where the Spaniard had gone, his hand flinched in that direction as well.
    Just as he’d spotted the dust kicked up by Franco’s horse, Clint also realized the animals pulling the wagon were turning in his direction. That was more than likely due to the fact that Johnny was firing his rifle wildly from the other side of his seat.
    Another shot came in response to the rifle, which Clint immediately recognized as coming from that fancy .44 carried by the man who’d attacked them. The next thing Clint heard was Johnny’s voice hollering in pain.
    â€œGod damn!” Johnny shouted as he dropped back down into his seat. “I’m hit!”
    Clint’s first impulse was to ride around the front of the wagon so he could try to catch up to the other rider. The team hitched to the wagon was already spooked enough, so Clint brought Eclipse around to move toward the back of it instead.
    As the wagon rolled on and Clint rode across its wake, he could hear the receding thunder of Franco’s horse. It wasn’t until Clint had ridden all the way around the wagon that he finally managed to catch sight of the horse itself.
    This time, Clint wasn’t so squeamish about taking a shot at the man’s back. He had plenty of time to adjust his aim until he was certain he could drop Franco from his saddle. Before he could pull his trigger, however, another bullet hissed toward Clint from long range.
    Clint’s blood was racing so hard that he was hugging Eclipse’s neck before another round could catch him in the face. But another round didn’t come.
    Another round wasn’t even necessary.
    Franco had managed to put a few trees between himself and Clint, which sullied Clint’s aim just long enough for Franco to get to the rocks. After that, the Spaniard was gone.

    Clint was examining where Eclipse had been shot. The bullet had clipped the Darley Arabian’s ear in much the same way that one of Franco’s earlier bullets had clipped Clint’s ear. Johnny kept making jokes about Clint sharing his wounds with his horse.
    The wagon was stopped near a river and not too far from the main trail. Now that he’d cleaned the blood from Eclipse’s ear, Clint knelt down to see about cleaning himself up. Blood had formed a thick crust on his ear, making it looked like it had been chewed off rather than shot. Washing away some of that crust, Clint got down to the wound itself. He winced when he dripped some water on it, but at least his ear felt closer to the way he remembered it.
    Resting with his back against a rock beside the river, Johnny shifted and winced in pain. His shirt had been stripped away, and his chest was wrapped up with several layers of bandages. Actually, the bandages were the shredded remains of one of the bags Johnny had packed and tossed into the back of the wagon. They hadn’t been around him long, but the makeshift bandages were already soaked through with blood.
    Clint dabbed at his ear and took a look at Johnny. “Looks like the bleeding might have stopped. At any rate, we should probably let that wound breathe for a bit.”
    Letting out a wary sigh, Johnny grabbed a knife that was sticking out of the ground and started to cut the bandages.
    â€œHere,” Clint said as he stepped forward. “Better let me do that.”
    â€œYou had to do the stitches and listen to me cuss at you the whole time, so I figure I should start being a bigger help.”
    â€œI’ve heard plenty worse.”
    Clint took the knife and carefully sliced the bandages so he could peel them away. The wound was better than it had been when they’d first found the river, but it was still

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