The Scent of Lies: A Paradise Valley Mystery

The Scent of Lies: A Paradise Valley Mystery by Debra Burroughs Read Free Book Online

Book: The Scent of Lies: A Paradise Valley Mystery by Debra Burroughs Read Free Book Online
Authors: Debra Burroughs
Tags: Fiction, Suspense, Romance
Maggie.” Emily gave her a quick hug. “The food’s ready.”
    Maggie followed Emily to the kitchen.
    “Grab a plate and dig in,” Emily said.
    Maggie picked up a plate and spooned out a little Cashew Chicken and Chow Mein. “What happened to you on Saturday? It’s not like you to bolt without a word of explanation.”
    “I am sorry for the way I left. All that talk about husbands and infidelity made me painfully uncomfortable. I had to get out of there.”
    “That makes no sense at all, Emily. There’s gotta be more to it than that, hon. Spill.”
    Emily recounted the story of finding the note with Delia’s name and phone number on it in one of Evan’s old sweatshirts right before she left home to meet them for lunch, and how she hadn’t been able to shake the nagging feeling that maybe he was having an affair with the woman. She explained that with all the talk about Abby finding out her husband had been cheating on her after she thought she had a perfect marriage, and then Camille wondering if her husband had ever cheated on her when he was out of town on business, it had made her so uncomfortable she just had to escape.
    “Oh, Em. You can’t believe Evan would ever have cheated on you. He adored you.”
    “I’m sure that’s what Abby’s friends told her too—before she found out the truth. So, I had to discover who Delia was.”
    “Did you?” Maggie’s eyes were wide with obvious anticipation.
    “Yes,” Emily replied, grabbing an egg roll and wagging it at Maggie for emphasis, “and I called the number.”
    “That took a lotta guts.”
    “Turns out she was a client.” Emily took a bite of the egg roll.
    “Well, that’s a relief.”
    “As a matter of fact, she asked me to take over the case and finish the investigation Evan started.”
    “You? You’re a Realtor.”
    “I know. I had this same conversation with Isabel.”
    “Isabel knows? And no one bothered to tell me? Does Camille know, too?”
    “No, not yet.” Emily scooped some Chow Mein onto her plate.
    “Are you able to tell me what the case is?”
    “Just that she thinks her husband is cheating on her.”
    “Oh, crap! What is wrong with these men?” Maggie hollered.
    “I’m going to be following him tonight to see where he goes. The wife said she’d call me as soon as he leaves the house.”
    “Can I tag along? I’ve never been on a stakeout before. Please,” Maggie pleaded, flashing Emily her big blue puppy dog eyes.
    Emily didn’t see why not. “I guess it couldn’t hurt to have some company. Sure.”
    * * *
    Delia phoned Emily from her patio at about six o’clock. Ricardo had told her his appointment was at seven, so she assumed he’d be leaving by a quarter ‘til.
    Emily and Maggie drove over to Delia’s and parked down the block, facing the direction he would drive out. Emily turned on her GPS monitor and they watched for his car.
    One of Evan’s first rules was to be inconspicuous, so Emily handed Maggie a dark ball cap and asked her to stick her blonde hair up in it as she pulled the hood up on her own sweatshirt.
    “Oh my gosh, Em. Maybe next time we should bring some wigs and sunglasses,” Maggie joked.
    “I know you’re kidding, Maggs, but that might not be a bad idea.”
    The black sedan caught their attention as it pulled out of the driveway and drove down the street. Emily gave him a good lead then she pulled out to follow. She kept an eye on the GPS monitor propped up on the console. The women followed at a safe distance for about twenty minutes as he led them into downtown Boise.
    Then he pulled into the parking lot of a new eight-story condo building. Emily parked across the street with a clear view of the entrance to the building. She readied her camera with the telephoto lens, making sure the time and date stamp was turned on.
    Ricardo stretched out of his luxury car and sauntered to the building’s entrance, glancing around suspiciously before he pushed the speaker button. He leaned in as

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