The Secret of Ashona

The Secret of Ashona by Kaza Kingsley Read Free Book Online

Book: The Secret of Ashona by Kaza Kingsley Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kaza Kingsley
Tags: Fiction
might have a different attitude about going anywhere near them.
    June shook her head. “What can I do? I guess we don’t have a choice. Thank you, Jam. It means more than I can say to have you with him.”
    He blotted a few tears from her face with his handkerchief. “My pleasure, Modom.”
    Erec tried to reassure himself as much as he did her. “It’s okay, Mom. We’ll just go do the quest quick—it’s probably no big deal. The Fates said that we’d be fine talking to the Furies after that. I’m sure they know what they are talking about.” He paused a moment. Had the Fates really said that they would be okay? Not exactly. They did say that he would be able to talk to the Furies only after he finished his next quest, not that he would survive meeting them again. It wasn’t worth bringing up and worrying his mother about—but he would have to make sure Bethany didn’t go anywhere near the Furies, just in case.
    A wooden door appeared in the wall of Erec’s apartment, and somebody knocked on it. It was someone else’s Port-O-Door, but who could be knocking?
    June and Jam both seemed as surprised as Erec was. Jam put his hand on the knob, but then thought better of opening it. “Who is there?”
    “It’s me, Rosco Kroc. Are you busy?”
    Jam glanced back at June. “Ma’am?”
    “It’s okay,” Erec said. “Rosco has been helping us.”
    The corners of June’s mouth turned up. “I know, Erec. I got to spend a little time with Rosco in Smoolie, remember? He’s been a good friend.”
    Jam opened the door and waved Rosco inside. Erec cracked asmile when he saw Rosco’s green scaled face. Rosco grinned and waved for a moment before Bethany ran up and threw her arms around him. “It’s so great you’re here, Osc—I mean Rosco. We have a lot going on, and we could use a little help.”
    June nodded to Rosco. “That would be great. Anything you could do . . .”
    Rosco looked confused. “Are you having problems? I’d have come sooner. I was just stopping by with some news for Erec. What’s going on?”
    Everyone took turns filling Rosco in on the horrible details of the day. Rosco sat on the couch, stunned. “I have heard of Tarvos. Baskania has mentioned him. I think he’s working with him on something, but I don’t know the details. I’ll find out, and I’m sure I can learn where his cave is.”
    “You see that?” June pointed at Rosco, excited. “There is another way! Erec, you don’t have to do that next quest or see the Furies after all. We’ll just get the information from Rosco and go straight to Trevor.”
    Although that sounded tempting, Erec knew that it wouldn’t work. “Mom, you know that when the Fates tell me what I have to do, it’s the only thing that will help. That’s proven itself every single time.”
    Before June could protest, Rosco nodded. “Erec, you’re right. Do what you need to, but I’ll be looking into things from my end too. I’ll get back to you once I get any details. But I can tell you that Baskania wasn’t behind trapping Erec and Trevor in that cave. He’s still hoping you’re going to show up at the Green House in a day or two with your scepter.”
    “That would never happen,” Bethany said. “So, what did you come here to tell us?”
    Rosco looked around in thought. “Not to be rude, but maybe if Erec and I can just have a few minutes alone . . .”
    June gave a nod, then Rosco motioned for Erec and Bethany to follow him down the hall. As soon as Bethany closed the door to Erec’s room, she spun around. “What’s going on, Oscar? I’ve been worried about you! Have you been okay?”
    Rosco laughed. “Never worry about me, Bethany. I’m too powerful and connected now to be hurt. Remember, Baskania can’t read my mind, so I’m pretty safe. It’s you two that have to be careful, not me. That’s what I came to tell you about.”
    “Is this about the letter I got from the Green House?” Erec asked. “The one saying that all of the

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