The Seduction Of Claudia

The Seduction Of Claudia by Antoinette Chauvet Read Free Book Online

Book: The Seduction Of Claudia by Antoinette Chauvet Read Free Book Online
Authors: Antoinette Chauvet
Tags: Fiction & Literature
after wave of it flogging her raw senses. Andrews felt the strong rhythmic contractions of her pussy and managed to thrust once more, again, then again. With a muffled roar, he came, pumping into her forcefully and repeatedly. He collapsed on top of Claudia, his breath coming hard and fast, the pulse in his neck pounding visibly.
    Claudia wrapped her legs around his waist, the movement eliciting another spasm from her and a moan from Andrews. She turned her head, nipped his shoulder with her teeth, licked the spot, then kissed it. She stroked his back, soothed him, feeling the muscles there ripple as he struggled to regain his breath. A layer of sweat coated their bodies and as Andrews lifted himself off of her, their skin came unglued.
    He collapsed next to her without a word and reached across her to extinguish the lamp on the nightstand. Exhausted, he pulled her to him spoon-fashion and kissed the back of her neck. The next thing she knew, his breathing had turned deep and regular. He slept.
    Claudia was dazed; she felt so many things at once. A little bruised and battered, but sated from head to toe. She had been well-loved, then well-used. She was so tired, she could barely keep her eyes open, but she was also exhilarated and strangely energized. She felt the fog of contentment stealing over her, yet the niggling worry that it was temporary was at the back of her mind.
    She lay awake for a time, cataloguing her feelings. As the blue-gray light of dawn stole into the sky, she drifted off to sleep, cradled in Andrews's arms.

Chapter Three
    Claudia woke in the morning to a bright winter sun shining through the bamboo blinds on her bedroom window. Immediately, instinctively, she knew that she was alone in her apartment. Andrew had left. She felt a vague sense of disappointment that he wasn't there, but she also acknowledged that she needed time away from him to examine their newly forged relationship under the clear light of day.
    Getting out of bed, Claudia slid into a kimono of jade-green silk shot through with a red, yellow and black embroidered pattern. She padded barefoot down the hall to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. When she reached the kitchen, she found a note from Andrew leaning against the coffeemaker:
    'Morning, Legs - I'm at my house, working. I'll be there most of the day if you want me. Dinner tonight? 6:30-ish? I'll be by to pick you up then. Dress casually. A.
    Oh, really? Dinner, she thought. For a split second, she entertained the idea that she should stand him up. He hadn't really asked if she would go out with him for dinner, had he? She wanted to see him, though, and knew that if she didn't go, she'd be depriving herself unnecessarily. She'd go.
    Claudia wasn't sure how she felt about Andrew having left without saying goodbye. She supposed that she wasn't entitled to feel anything at all about it. One of the terms of their agreement was that there were no strings attached. That meant that they could each come and go as they pleased, that they would have no real expectations of one another. She had always thought that was what she wanted in a relationship, but it felt strange to be alone after they had shared such a passionate night. Before, they always spent mornings together drinking coffee and chatting before they went their separate ways. She had missed that when they had broken up, but had eventually grown used to being on her own. She had been expecting that they would drift back into their old patterns and habits and was a bit disconcerted that they hadn't. You've finally gotten what you said you wanted; companionship with no strings, no entanglements, she told herself sternly, expectations lead to disappointment and heartbreak. Smiling ruefully, and maybe a touch sadly, Claudia finished measuring coffee and water and flipped the switch on the coffeemaker. While the coffee brewed, she took a shower, lingering under the hot spray. In spite of the unease that lingered in the

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