The Sheik and the Siren (Elemental Series)

The Sheik and the Siren (Elemental Series) by Elizabeth Rose Read Free Book Online

Book: The Sheik and the Siren (Elemental Series) by Elizabeth Rose Read Free Book Online
Authors: Elizabeth Rose
inspecting the boat he’d left on the shore and his shoes and hose as well. She didn’t want to bring him to shore now. She couldn’t let them know about her secret cave, nor did she want to emerge in front of the men naked. And there was no telling what they’d want to do to Ace. Mayhap they’d keep him as prisoner or perhaps take whatever else he had on him. No, she thought, this would never do.
    So instead, she called to her dolphins to help her. With the aid of a dolphin on either side, she had them escort her and the sailor to the secret coral cave. They left her and the man there, and she could see his face turning blue from lack of air. She pressed her lips against his mouth and gave him the air of life. However, he was unconscious and it slipped from him quickly. So she pulled him through her cave and deep within, not stopping until she’d laid him atop the ground inside that was breaking through the water, and into the air.
    Then she hurriedly flipped him onto his stomach, crawling atop the man and straddling him with her bare legs, trying to push the water from his lungs. He seemed to release half the sea from his mouth, but still he did not breathe. So she flipped him over onto his back and straddled him that way instead. She leaned forward, the ends of her wet hair falling around him. Then she lowered her mouth to his and once again tried to force air into his lungs.
    Ace felt soft curves against his chest and the grip of something tight around his groin. His eyelids flickered once, then twice, and he thought he saw that seductive siren atop him. Hell, he was having a dream about bedding her. Again. Thought he’d only slept an hour or two since yesterday, his dreams were filled with him making love to the girl with the blue hair.
    And this dream was so real. She pressed her lips against h is and her naked breasts smashed up against his chest as her thighs gripped his waist and she rode him like she was riding atop one of her dolphins.
    He felt his body react and damn it to hell, even if it was only a dream, he was tired of being hot and bothered. He wrapped his arms around her and thrust his tongue into her mouth. This was going to be one hell of a dream, and one he would never forget!
    Ebba was surprised when the sailor who was not moving a moment ago, wrapped his arms around her and thrust his tongue into her mouth. She had half a mind to bite it off until she felt his hands sneak around the sides of her breasts and squeeze her. Then his nimble fingers started working magic quickly as he brought her nipples to peaks in a matter of seconds. She couldn’t protest as his tongue was in her mouth and neither could she pull away as the fae side of her was coming to life and she was feeling vibrations and feelings she’d never had before.
    She heard the man moan from beneath her and she wondered it he was getting probed by a sharp piece of coral. She moved, trying to get off of him, and that’s when she felt the probing of his own as his huge arousal was banging at her own door right through his braies, trying to get in. Though she was aroused and curious as to the act of coupling with a man, she wasn’t about to let this fool take her in her own sacred space.
    She found it hard to get out of his tight grip and called to the water to help her. A wave washed over them, covering them completely, causing him to loosen his grip as he once again gasped for air.
    She ducked under the water, feeling confused by what just happened. She wanted to kill the man yet at the same time she wanted to climb back atop him and straddle her legs around him and let him enter. She looked up from under the water, seeing him jump to his feet and hit his head on the cave ceiling above him. She was going to stay underneath and not come up, but when she saw the blood dripping from his head and his blood-covered palm as he pulled his hand away, she knew she had to help. She broke through the water silently, their gazes

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