The Sheik and the Siren (Elemental Series)

The Sheik and the Siren (Elemental Series) by Elizabeth Rose Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: The Sheik and the Siren (Elemental Series) by Elizabeth Rose Read Free Book Online
Authors: Elizabeth Rose
past,” Ace said , looking into the crystal, “isn’t it?”
    “Yes,” she answered, but said nothing more.
    “Can you see the future as well in this crystal dolphin?”
    “Put it back,” she said. “Please. And the tide is coming in, so you need to leave now.”
    Ace put the precious piece back into the center of the barrel sponge, only because his head hurt too much to see straight any more. Plus, it seemed to upset the siren and he needed not to anger her if he wanted to reclaim his sword and his goods.
    “Can we get back to the shore before I drown?” he asked, hoping that it was possible.
    “Aye,” she answered. “If we go right now and I call my dolphins to our aid.”
    “Then let’s do it.”
    Ace tried not to look at her standing there in front of him waist high in water, her two beautiful breasts staring him in the face. It was getting hard to concentrate because all he wanted to do was to finish the so-called ‘dream’ he was having earlier.
    “Don’t you have clothes?” he asked, looking the other way.
    “Does it bother you that I’m naked?”
    “More than you’ll ever know.”
    “My clothes are on the shore. I’ll don them when we get back. Now follow me and take a deep breath before you do.”
    Before he could say anything, she was off and swimming like a fish through the coral cave. He took a deep breath and dove into the water, hoping to hell he could make it back to the shore before he needed to breathe.
    Ace felt his lungs burning by the time they’d reached the entrance to the coral cave. He knew it was a long way up to the top and he already felt consciousness slipping away as he fought with all his might, telling himself not to take a breath. She noticed his discomfort and came to him and putting her hands on his shoulders, she pressed her lips up to his. When her tongue parted his lips, he understood why. She’d breathed the air of life into his lungs, enabling him to stay under the water longer.
    Then the most amazing thing happened. Dolphins surrounded them on all sides, smiling if he wasn’t mistaken. They looked so happy and so playful, and Ebba-Tyne smiled at him and motioned for him to hold on to one of their fins, demonstrating by her own actions. He reached out and did the same, and the dolphins took off through the water faster than an arrow being released from a bow – and pulling them along with them.
    He relaxed immediately, now having extra air and also the means to get to the surface quickly. They swam through a beautiful multicolored garden of coral of all types that he never new existed. He saw schools of small fish moving together as one as they shot back into hiding among the coral and algae-covered rocks. The sun broke through the water, lighting it up in iridescent hues, making him feel as if he were in a foreign world far from the one in which he lived.
    She pointed to a swarm of jelly fish, wriggling and floating up to the surface, glowing as if they were illuminated from the inside. Then she pointed in another direction, and he turned his head in time to see the spiky fins of the beautiful but poisonous lionfish dart away into a crevice.
    He wondered how she could stay under the water so long without breathing, as his lungs were beginning to burn again. And as i f the dolphin knew he needed to breathe, the little sightseeing adventure was over as it broke the surface of the water, bringing him the precious air he needed.
    He coughed and gasped for breath, finally being able to breathe. He released the dolphin’s fin and it circled around him.
    “Thank it,” she said, nodding toward the dolphin.
    “What?” he asked. “Talk to a dolphin?”
    “You can do it in your mind. The dolphins are able to hear it.”
    “All right,” he said, then thought thank you . The dolphin, smiling as always, went vertical in the water, slapping its fins, making it splash, then took off under the water so fast he didn’t even see it leave.
    “That was

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