The Skye in June

The Skye in June by June Ahern Read Free Book Online

Book: The Skye in June by June Ahern Read Free Book Online
Authors: June Ahern
airplanes as they roared into and out of Scotland. Cathy and Granny B, sitting close to each other, didn’t notice. The older woman, still wearing dark mourning clothes, held her daughter’s hand. “I’ll miss you and the girls so much,” she said sadly.
    “ It’s already settled. Jimmy will have a secure job with no worry about some proddy taking it away,” Cathy replied as she watched Maggie and Mary chase each other back and forth, giggling. Mary was hugging a doll. It was a special doll. Three days earlier Granda B had given it to her for her seventh birthday. She lovingly carried it with her everywhere. Annie was taking June for another walk down the corridor, trying to keep her amused.
    Granny B looked at her in desperation. “It’s just that I’m afraid, hen, you’ll no come back home to me again. I’m no getting any younger, you know.”
    Resolutely, Cathy looked into her mother ’s eyes. “Well, Mam, you made sure you got me home before.”
    The old woman looked away. Her fingers fumbled over one another and settled on her wedding ring. “You’ve no forgiven me, have you?” Granny B asked sadly. “There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t say a prayer to Our Lady for peace between us.”
    In an effort to avoid any more talk with her mother Cathy strained her head to look toward her husband who was waiting at the ticket counter. She could see Jimmy was reading the list he made earlier that day of the tasks to c omplete and information needed for their move.
    Jimmy held tight to the list because it also contained the telephone number of his friend , Sandy Jordon, in America. He had been a good pal to Jimmy since they were children, and the two wrote to each other after Sandy had emigrated a few years ago. He had encouraged Jimmy to join him, promising a good job. The very day Jimmy confirmed his family would move, Sandy secured a job for his pal alongside him at the shipyards. Jimmy had told Cathy that moving to the United States was the best chance they had for a new start. “Life will be better there,” he assured her.
    Looking away from her husband, Cathy said a silent prayer her husband would never learn of her secret about Dr. MacFadden making a substantial contribution to help the family have that new start. She knew he would never have taken the doctor’s money. A few weeks after her emergency visit to the hospital, Jimmy forbade her to ever talk to Doctor MacFadden again, since he felt the doctor had too much influence over his wife. Paralyzed by grief, she didn’t question his command, although secretly she confided in her mother where the money had come from. As a precaution, she asked her mother to say the money was a gift from her and Granda B. Her mother agreed to keep the secret assuring Cathy it really wasn’t a lie since Granda B had already promised to give them some money to help with their move.
    S he saw her husband walking toward them, smiling and waving tickets. He started to collect the luggage and handed his three oldest daughters their small carry-on bags. “Okay girls! Come on now. We’re off!” he said cheerfully.
    He took hold of Granda B ’s hand. He wanted so badly to express how much the old man had meant to him; that he meant more to him than his own father had.
    “You’ ve been like a father to me,” he said sincerely. “I can’t thank you enough for everything.”
    “ I only wish I could have done more,” Granda B said sadly. He respected his son-in-law for being a hard worker and good provider. He kept hold of Jimmy’s hand a bit longer. Tears formed in his eyes.
    “I promise you , I’ll pay you back,” Jimmy said.
    “ Och, you’ll do no such thing,” Granda B said, dismissing the idea.
    “ We’ll write when we’re settled. Then I’ll bring you both out for a grand holiday in America.”
    “ Oh, aye. We’ll be sure to do that! Good luck, son.” Granda B forced himself to smile.
    Jimmy turned to the three older girls and didn ’t see

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