The Trident Deception

The Trident Deception by Rick Campbell Read Free Book Online

Book: The Trident Deception by Rick Campbell Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rick Campbell
Tags: Fiction, Thrillers, Sea stories, Military, War & Military, Technological
    Vandiver interrupted the prime minister, waving the pastry in his hand in the process. “Iran wouldn’t dare use nuclear weapons against you. They know the United States wouldn’t stand by—that we’d retaliate.” Vandiver paused, realizing how his last statement, meant to reassure their ally, might have sounded to the Israelis. After Iran wipes out part, if not your entire country, we’ll teach them a lesson .
    Thinly veiled disgust spread across Rosenfeld’s face. “We cannot let Iran obtain nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, the Iranian weapon complex is deep underground, protected by hardened bunkers. The conventional weapons in Israel’s arsenal aren’t powerful enough to destroy this facility, so we need your assistance. We need four of your newest bunker-busting bombs…” Rosenfeld glanced down at a sheet of paper on his desk, “the Massive Ordnance Penetrator, by the end of this week.”
    Vandiver placed the half-eaten pastry back onto the tray, his friendly demeanor transitioning to a cool façade. “I’m afraid I already know the answer to your request, Prime Minister. I’ve discussed this topic extensively with Washington, and the answer is no. Our administration is committed to peaceful negotiations with Iran, and will not authorize the transfer of any weapons to Israel that could disrupt that process.”
    “I see,” Rosenfeld said tersely.
    Kogen joined the conversation. “Ambassador Vandiver, I noticed your choice of words. You said the United States would not authorize the transfer of the weapons we seek. What is the United States willing to transfer to Israel without official authorization?”
    Vandiver straightened his back. “It appears I’ve chosen my words poorly. Let me rephrase, to be perfectly clear. The United States will not provide Israel with additional offensive weapons, either officially or unofficially. Am I speaking clearly enough now?”
    Kogen leaned back in his chair, the friendly expression on his face fading to an impassive mask. “Clear as crystal, I believe the saying goes in your country.”
    Vandiver turned back to Rosenfeld, whose face was slowly reddening as he absorbed the ambassador’s response. More than thirty years earlier, President Reagan’s use of the term “evil empire” in characterizing the Soviet Union, and later, George W. Bush’s coinage of “axis of evil” had been ridiculed by many, their overly simplistic view of the world failing to reflect the complexity of modern politics. But Vandiver knew Rosenfeld shared that view, that he believed the two American presidents had assessed the situation with remarkable clarity—right versus wrong, good versus evil. And Israel’s war against Islamic fanaticism was a quintessential example of the struggle between good and evil. A struggle the United States was now refusing to support.
    “You claim to be Israel’s closest ally,” Rosenfeld fumed, his frustration bleeding through as he spoke, “yet you abandon us in our hour of need. Let me make something perfectly clear to you, Ambassador. Israel has the means to defend herself, and the fallout”—Rosenfeld hesitated for a moment as if reconsidering his choice of words—“the blood we shed will be on your hands if you do not provide us with the conventional weapons we need.”
    There was an uneasy silence as Vandiver assimilated the prime minister’s last statement. Rosenfeld’s choice of words did not go unnoticed, but they couldn’t possibly mean what Vandiver thought they did. “Are you saying Israel will use nuclear weapons to destroy the Iranian facility?”
    Rosenfeld greeted the ambassador’s question with an icy stare.
    The hair stood up on the back of Vandiver’s neck. This was not just another diplomatic drill, putting a face on the administration’s policies. Israel was actually contemplating the use of nuclear weapons in a proactive attack to defend itself. The Arab and world response would be unpredictable; a half

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