The Unbreakable Trio

The Unbreakable Trio by Sam Crescent Read Free Book Online

Book: The Unbreakable Trio by Sam Crescent Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sam Crescent
Tags: Romance
arm. “Are we asking the wrong Claire Martin? Do we need to go and find another one?”
    Laughing, she punched him in the arm. “Stop your jokes. They’re not funny.”
    “Yes, they are. Anyway. Are you going to go with us?”
    She glanced at Shane and saw him smiling. He didn’t look closed off, and deciding to take a chance in life, she agreed.
    In no time at all, Friday had come, and Claire was nervous. The ranch hands had left early, and she’d been able to take a long leisurely bath and prepare herself.
    Claire pulled a pale-yellow dress over her head. With the heat of summer, she settled on one with thin straps and a modest top which showed a small amount of cleavage. The hem settled at her knees. Modest and sensual. She finished with sandals with a small heel and left her brown hair to tumble down her shoulder. In the fresh air, she found her normally dull locks looked full and glossy, which was something no hair care products could achieve.
    “Are you ready? We want to get into town tonight!” Liam called from her door.
    Glancing at her reflection one last time, she sent up a prayer and went to open the door. “How do I look?” she asked.
    Liam stared at her for a few seconds. With every passing second, her hopes died. She’d tried to look her best. “Should I change?”
    “Don’t you dare. You look good enough to eat.”
    Loving the compliment, Claire gave a twirl and accepted his arm. He wore jeans and a checkered shirt. The dance they were going to was taking place at the local bar. Cowboys, ranchers, and most of the townsfolk would be in attendance. She was excited. Tonight would be her first dance with a date. She hadn’t attended prom but rather stayed with her friends at Liam’s house.
    Shane wore the same as Liam, only he had a black cowboy hat on his head.
    “Don’t you think she looks stunning?” Liam asked as they walked down the steps.
    “Beautiful,” she heard Shane whisper. As the days had worn on, Shane had begun to spend more time with her. The tension was still there between them. At least he didn’t disappear every time she walked into a room.
    “Who’s driving tonight?” she asked. Shane took her arm and led her out to the truck.
    “I’m the driver for this evening, ma’am.” He helped her up into her seat and went around to the driver’s side.
    “Hey, what about me?” Liam complained as he hurled his body up next to hers. She chuckled when Shane shot him a glare.
    The truck started up, and they were on the road. The windows were rolled down and the breeze drifted through the car, sending her hair all over the place. When it hit Liam in the face, he grabbed her hair in a fist, placed his arm over her shoulder, and held it. “That should keep it in one place.”
    Claire laughed as tingles erupted along her skin. His fist pulled small strands of her hair, sending an electric bolt of heat straight to her clit. How could the small bite of pain create such blissful pleasure?
    Shane tapped her leg. He didn’t move his hand. She glanced down where his hand rested on her thigh. His darker, sun-tanned skin was in complete contrast to her pale thighs. She wanted him to move further up and curl around to the inside.
    Living with her friends was turning her into a sex maniac. Every thought and touch from Liam and Shane left her thinking of hot summer nights surrounded by their bodies as they shared her.
    How could she think of being with both of her friends? In no time at all, Shane pulled the truck alongside the row of parked cars.
    “Oh, boy,” she said. The parking lot was busy. Music playing loudly caught her ears from the back of the parking lot. “It’s really busy.”
    “Of course it is. This is the one time of the year the folks of Long Mead can let loose and party. Come on. You’ve never been, and it’s up to me and Shane to show you a good time.” Liam took her hand and led her past the rows of cars. Some couples hadn’t made it inside to the excitement.

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